Leviteo Mobile Affiliate Network - guarantee rates for installs !!!

If you are interested in earning guaranteed money every month check out the Leviteo Mobile Affiliate Network!

We guarantee:
:: 0.05 USD for every active install of your app with our Partner SDK,
:: availability of push ads and icon ads formats,
:: additional 70% Rev/Share from ad campaigns for each of your apps,
:: a dashboard inside the console with reports as well as special on-request reports,
:: payment within 7 days from the date of receiving the bill,
:: our Partner (owner of Ad Network - is a big company listed on the London Stock Exchange),

For details about the revenue estimation click on the link below:
Leviteo - Boost your app revenue!

The rules are simple:

  1. Sign in with Google to Leviteo Mobile Affiliate Network.
  2. Sign in to dedicated ad network (Leviteo’s Partner - MiniMob Platform).
  3. Insert the promo code „leviteo” - ensures guaranteed rates.
  4. Add dedicated network SDK inside your app.

Start now and get Paid!

Find out more by visiting our website Leviteo - Boost your app revenue!

Hi there. Why did you not post the name of the company who owns Leviteo then?

How can you offer so many desirable traits? I’m not seeing how your company would be making a worthwhile profit if you have such a high revenue share with developers and also offer weekly payments (Is there a threshold?).

How come you are offering a simple promo code that “ensures guaranteed rates”? That doesn’t really make sense.

Hi. Leviteo is our company, the name of the company is LEVITEO Ltd. All details about us are on our website Leviteo - Boost your app revenue!.

We as a Leviteo, are an Affilaite Program for Developers. Leviteo is a business Partner of InternetQ Company (InternetQ | Engaging & entertaining a global mobile audience) and InternetQ owns MiniMob platform - ad network - (Minimob - Smart Push Notifications). Leviteo is making for them acqusition - that’s why you need to enter promo code to recive those guarantee rates.

MiniMob is new on the market and they need to gain a lot of developers with their apps. We as a Leviteo help them.

High rates are caused by the fact that MiniMob gave us very good offer because they have budget for that and need to gain a lot of developers, because they are new on the market.

This offer will not be forever. You have guarantee rates (for installs) for the time of 6 months. Then you earn from Rev Share by the ads campaigns.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions.


  1. Is there any TOS will be shown to users, so they will accept it and only after, push and icon will be received to users?
  2. Who are your advertisers?


@ Daler

As far as the disclaimer/TOS. Some Developers that they use in the same time airpush and MiniMob, they use the disclaimer of airpush or other ad network in order not to have 2 disclaimers for the same app.

Please write to us on prv if you need more details in this case.


Thanks for the information!

NOTICE: To everyone who is joining the MiniMob - FYI:

To get those guarantee rates, important is to enter “leviteo” Promo Code as it is in our instruction - attached link below:

Step by step instruction: Leviteo - Boost your app revenue!


you welcome!

Thanks for reply. I would like to go public then in prv;)
Well, kinda ok answer for the first question. But it doesnt really solve a problem. The main issue here is to do not push icons or notifications, unless users will not agree. How you do affiliate with airpush and other adNetworks I’ve no idea. Their “Welcome TOS message” acceptance or decline is related to them. When in your case users will still get push and icons even when they declined airpush or other adNetworks TOS. So, is there any ways, that we can come out with our own customized TOS, so when users will click to decline, they will not receive any kind of ads from you? Can we turn it off from the user’s side, untill they will not accept it?

About second question you didnt write anything. What kind of ads are going to be there? I dont want to go with adult ads, and some other viruses. Maybe mostly people here doesnt care but I do. So, any big branded advertisers on your side?) or you just give away your own money, untill you will have some real advertisers…

Hi Leviteo, I have a few questions :

  1. Is it possible to disable push notification thru dashboard / code ?

  2. The category type of push notification ads delivered to the users. Games/Apps/Others ?

  3. Is your SDK save from being trigged by anti-virus apps as an intrusive adware ?

I have downloaded the SDK and tried it in an app (with no other ad networks). I don’t see any TOS presented.

What is the frequency of push/icon ads? there does not seem to be any way to control that

There are some (optional) permissions that are quite scary what are there for?

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CALL_PHONE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SEND_SMS"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_SMS"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_SMS"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS"/>

MiniMob seems to be a generic service which lets you as a developer send your own (custom) push notifications. Levitio seems to be “piggy backing” on top of this SDK, am I right?

If you look at the Users tab in MiniMob, it provides the ability to report a whole lot of data about the end user’s device. I suspect this is what the extra permissions are for - optional targeting. The question would then be - does Leviteo use these optional targeting parameters, or are they there purely for use by the developer when running “house ads”?

Tried the sdk. Some questions:

  1. No TOS appeared (Then what does “First Message To Users” in contact policy mean?)
  2. Does the 0.05 rate equal across user from different regions. ie. Non US installs
  3. Does it support payment through Paypal?
  4. What’s your take on SDK stacking, are they even allowed? ie Airpush, Startapp, AppFlood and etc.
  5. No ads is being served/pushed so far, would prefer if there is a debug mode to test.

And lastly, based on the FAQ, I guess we can only get to know the actual earning amount at the end of every month? Sometimes we just wanna try the SDK for few days to check if it performed good, but using it blindly for a month is kinda worrying, especially when you’re new


Hi there,

  1. Yes. There could be only Icon ads.

  2. Mainly there are games.

  3. At the moment MiniMob is new so it shouldn’t be recognize - it’s normal at the beginning. After some time it will be for sure.


Permissions at the moment are not used. It will be soon for better converted ads.

The frequency of push/icon ads is most effective as possible, but to have in mind to not to annoy users and maintain the best quality of the application. MiniMob pay in rev share model for ads campaigns for so they want to converting the best advertising.


Leviteo doesn’t use the data of any app. Those are only for Developers.

That’s good.
Answers for your questions below:

  1. MiniMob team is now working on that case.
  2. Yes and miniMob is worldwide. The rate 0,05$ is for active installs (in average active installs is 70-80% of your all installs). That means for instalation by user to whom is possibility of sending ads (or user at least recived one ad - thats active install).
  3. Payment at the moment are made by InternetQ company (owner of MiniMob platform) directly to your bank account.
  4. Yes, you can youse MiniMob and other ad network SDK inside the app. We recomend to use one.
  5. You can create our own ad when you are log in and see how it looks for test.

You can write to [email protected] (at the beginnginf of the message note that you are signed from Leviteo Program), and ask for actual status of your earnings. Earnings for installs you can see on the dashboard inside the MiniMob console after log in.


Yesterday i signed up and added one app which has now 650 active installs, my question is where can i see my revenue?

Kind regards,



Yesterday i signed up and added one app which has now 650 active installs, my question is where can i see my revenue?

Kind regards,


New Installs 786
Ad Requests 1,063
Push/Icons Delivered 0
Fill Rate 0.0%

Erm, if you say “active install” is judged by whether one receives push ad or no. How come there is like 1k request but no push delivered? Which means all 786 installs means nothing for now?