Let's Exchange Ads


I have +3 millions downloads in the middle east countries (Specially Saudi Arabia) and want to go outside this region to other countries.

I’m thinking in exchanging Ads with some developers in the other countries.

What I can do for you, based on previous experience, is to promote your app and make it top ranked (Top New Free) in the middle east area and you will get around 500,000 - 1000,000 downloads in the first month.

I’m looking for a developer who is ready to exchange Ads with me.

If you are interested please post your opinion in the reply.

Thanks a lot

Im definately interested in doing this, great idea my main audience is in italy and the US

same here, UK, Germany, Russia, US and India but I am not even close to your numbers…

Are you talking Banner ads?

I am interested. I have 2 apps whose main audience are middle east too. I would like to help each others out

I’m talking about installs exchange. whatever type of Ads you have.

so then how you are going to track installs?

let’s share ideas how to track and monitor…
In my opinion, I’ll take it easy, I’m ready to give developer X almost 1000 installs in the first days and he should give me the same, (I can estimate the number of impressions that give 1000 downloads based on my experience). just we should expect and trust each other and monitor downloads in the market (specially for new apps, it is easy). If we are satisfied in the first day we can make it 5000 installs in the second day and 10000 in the third day.

I know it is not that much accurate, but we want to help each other and in most cases we will find success.

I’m taking about promoting new published apps. Because the app is ranked in the first 10 of category “Top New Free” after about 30K downloads and rating +4. After that if the users liked the apps it will go up and download it during the first 30 days about 10K - 30K downloads everyday.

yeah, this is a problem. How to track installs and etc. It’s not so easy, and the only thing that you can do is to exchange impressions. There are services which does it for Banners, so easy to exchange banners but they are shitty and doesnt worth it. Interstitials is the idea, but is there any service that tracks it? So, both parties can see the real time data. Another solution could be a button inside the app, so the same, you can’t track it also, both parties should implement some custom wrappers…

P.S I think a lot of people here is interested in this, the only thing which doesnt make them to go live on this is the service which could provide tracking… If you will find it, then perfect) I’ll be the first)

As you know the market shows installs of new apps in the ranges of +1, +10, +50, …, +50,000 etc… So, I’m ready to promote your new app until it reaches +50,000 downloads. And you should do the same we should depend on such counts in the market.

So, I’m suggesting promoting new apps to be easy in tracking downloads.

Sounds interesting , I believe there are some networks that can provide mediation with direct advertising and will track the conversion rate
I have been playing around flurry but did not figured out how to do it exactly ,

Anyway , what are the types of your apps / users ?

This is one of my main app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rashadandhamid.designs1 it is integrated to mopub.com mediation.

We can use mopub, admob mediation or any mediation networks for banners or interstitial.

Even if someone has some type of Ads (interstitial) and the other has banners only we can work by installs not impressions. Although it is not fair sometimes, but all of us will succeed and will not lost anything.

Anyone who is ready can send me to private inbox, and I’m ready to start first. I mean I’m ready to give installs to the second party before he give me. And we will share our experience here.

imagine this would be possible: we form a group of developers to help each other: As soon as one of us releases an app, all of us change our ads to promote that app an push it to the rankings. Of course, it has to be an app of certain quality level (it must be aproved by all the members).

I like where this is going.
This could provide immediate ranking boosts, trending listings and growth for all of involved.

And I will reply again)) We’ve started it once ago, even started a bit development but then stopped because of the lack of time. If people here are interested we could do it by our own. Create a logic, a web site, and invite people by invitation. If you want to develop this kind of system, make a thread about it, and lets get this serious.

This sounds like a league of games/apps~nice:)

I heard appflood will let you do direct deals now between developers without charging anything. Maybe they track installs for you too? Might be a good option to look into.

I think the networks that help developer-to-developer (or advertiser to developer “direct deals”) are:

appflood - as mentioned above
chartboost - they are focusing on “games” - but their system supposedly has direct deal system in place …

and then there are the tap-for-tap and ad swap companies - and in some of them the “commission” charged is 50% i.e. the company gets 1 ad while you have to show 2 ads etc.

I think the problem for a small developer is that they may not know how to get advertising for their banner space to be able to leverage the “direct deals” with chartboost etc.

And a marketplace could help - but a developer group as suggested here could be useful (without needing to do much more) - if it is simple enough to have each register on appflood or whatever - and then just refer to others.

What would be the benefit of such a no-payment ad scheme ? Superficial analysis suggests that you can only get as much ad exposure as you expect to receive from them.

Which means that if you have 3K DAU (daily active users) - HOW many of them do you expect to actually click on ads - maybe 100 ? Which means that while that maybe worth $100 to you if you had gone with Admob alone - when going with another fellow developer you would only be giving him 100 downloads.
EDIT: 100 downloads could be as high as $100 if it were AppBrain etc. - however 100 “clicks” on Admob may get you $10-15 maybe … ?

Which means if a similar campaign is reciprocated by him for you, you would get 100 downloads - which is miniscule compared to the 3K DAU you have (of which maybe 1.5K are new downloads per day).

This suggests such a scheme of ad-swaps may not really have much value for increasing app downloads (which is the reason most here are giving for this endeavor).

The real value of this may however be in raising awareness - for example all those CoinDozer ads - you may not download the app, but you know that it is some casino style app that is advertising heavily for android. But many here will not be happy with “awareness” alone - they want real download number doubling etc.

For this reason, other techniques where developer actually spends money - and the real “growth” in downloads comes from their elevation on Google Play rankings MAY be the way to do it - and is perhaps WHY this is what the big app houses seem to be doing i.e. to get an app to have large downloads - i.e. they try to “game” the Google Play rankings to get at the top - as the ranking increase may give them a nonlinear or exponential advantage.

This is what then makes pay per download also valuable - because the real value of this is to “spark” a ranking improvement - which will deliver nonlinear/exponential download number increases.

For a developer then the strategy seems to be:

  • to get all their stuff lined up to improve app rankings (even spending money) - and then all the other shady tactics also as some have pointed out as in china - i.e. the buying for reviews and other stuff, ratings etc.
  • profit from the above activity - by selling banner space/interstials - so that even 100 downloads of other apps wind up giving you $25 or $50 etc.

The REAL value of the kind of developer-grouping as suggested in this thread - MAY happen when there is a real synergy in the app or app-styles - and this is the contextual ad thing.

With 3K DAU - while admob may only result in 100 clicks that generate revenue - if the developer had the ability to choose the advertiser - they could optimize for which advertiser works best for their app (or the advertiser is cognizant and doing a similar screening of apps they want to advertise in).

However, in a way Google Play is already doing some of this - when users go looking for apps to try, Google Play suggests other apps for them to download (in a relatively smart way).

I have my own lib that send push notifications and have used AppFlood SDK, here you are the comparison.

I was integrating AppFlood sdk for the past two months (push notifications only) and my app was generating DAILY +800K, impressions, +20K clicks, and +500 installs (start days +1500 installs, but user get less impressed with time).

Using my lib, When I send one campaign +1M impressions, it generates +10K installs. (I don’t have measure for clicks).

So, I’m serious to start the easiest way and fastest one. We are still small developers and we will continue to be small if we take long time to make small decision.

Sorry, I completely ignored a very important value of the cross promotion - in the above analysis I was comparing the effects of such ads for pre-existing apps which already have 3K DAU (daily active users) - as an example.

However the value of such cross promotion could be significant for NEW apps. For these apps, the initial downloads are very important to get noticed and rise in the rankings.

If you have 3K DAU apps - and exchange ads with others - and use the ads YOU get to promote your new app - that could be significant.