Lets Compare Banner CPM

Notifications and Icons are now a history, we all need to focus on banners and interstitial.

Lets discuss about banner CPMs from various ad network in this thread. I have not been using any banners as of yet so I am super confused.

We should discuss about airpush, leadbolt, revmob,millenium or any other network that has solid banner inventory. Keeping abmob out for now.

Can someone post their ecpm numbers please?

airpush banners 1.75$ cpm

Remember about stating refresh rate. Without it eCPM is useless.

Admob. 10$ eCPM. (We only show one ad Interstitial per User session).

I for some people it hard to believe to make real money with apps without spamming people. I am attaching 2 of our apps as proof of Admob Interstitial.


you didn’t tell the time period of the above earnings. Daily or monthly?

Is that a question for me?
If so, dates are in screenshot. It is for today (for first 9hrs of the day. My timezone is MDT).

I use Admob banners and interstitials and Mmedia banners (will be spreading out now from the policy changes).

Last 7 days:

Admob banner: $0.75 CPM, 99.8% fill, 400k impressions
Admob Interstitial: $1.23 CPM, 91.7% fill, 200k impressions
Mmedia banner: $0.44 CPM, 76.7% fill, 22k impressions.

Traffic mainly from U.S and E.U in general.

You can see why I give such little traffic to Mmedia…

Used to use AppBrain banners and Interstitials, but they are just shit these days.

Thanks everyone. I guess I am going to update some of my apps with Airpush banners to see how they perform. I don’t want to use admob, they are way too risky to work with. MMedia is the worst of the lot. I have seen others also posting super low eCPMs.

Just wondering, in airpush can we set a refresh rate?

What’s the best network for interstitials? I guess airpush smartwall product would need a change as well since their smartwall loads outside of the app sometimes as they automatically redirect users. Their earlier format with list of apps might work better in this case.

I noticed yesterday my Startapp exit ads eCPM shot to $3.75 but I am only using them in 1 app which has very low distribution.

I hope we find a good stable banner and interstitial network soon to cover up for icon and push loss. Good Luck to everyone

For yesterday:
InMobi: 100k request, $0.06 ecpm
Jumptap: 68k request $0.01 ecpm
MMedia: 60k request, $0.18 ecpm
Leadbolt: 76k impressions, $0.03 ecpm

Amazon: 256k request $0.67 ecpm

60 second refresh. CTR typically 0.6%

I understand this discussion is mostly about banner ads, so I cannot comment on this issue. However, as for interstitials - we are seeing higher eCPM in our netwrk than those stated here. Which is why we are now offering a $2 CPM gaurantee for all traffic (not only tier 1).
At any case - Interstitials should show a much higher CPM than regualr banners, of course. And they should be optimized to reach maximum effectiveness. Getting the right balance with where, when snd how many times to show them to your users will do the trick.

I have played your WordHero game. People stay on the ad screen for very less time. Your cpm’s are horrible except amazon.

i get high ecpm from mobilecore, although most of my users are from east Asia (east Asia is probably have the lowest bids in the world)

Only used admob for a short time a long time ago (too many horror stories), but that is really incredible eCPM, i am just kinda shocked the abysmal difference between interstitial and banner eCPM. By the way does your banner also only show one time per session?

We show banner on every screen and interstitial only on launch.

Does on launch give better result than on exit?

From our network’s stats, on-exit ads produce better eCPM than on-launch.
A user that just entered your app is less likely to go and install another :slight_smile:

Weirdly, with most of my apps it’s the opposite way around! I get 4x the CTR on launch interstitials than exit.

i have no idea why, and i know its not going to last,but for the past 3-4 days my cpm is almost 1$ with admob, today i am getting $0.139 Cad per click. 99% of my ads are banner.

As a user myself, I don’t like it to show on launch too. Show ads when user exit is less likely to get install also. Like myself like to tap back button multiple time to exit :slight_smile: Maybe the best is to show when navigate to different Activity view or after they back to home screen again from another Activity?

I see your point, but think about what’s more important for you, high eCPM or higher revenue?
If you’ll show it in a specific good timing, it could be that the eCPM will be higher than on-exit. if you show on every exit - you’ll get lower eCPM but higher revenue eventually (you will show the ad more often)…

Anyway, there’s no one truth :slight_smile: