Anyone here ever heard of Letang? They’re some kind of app publisher in China. I got an email from them, I assume it was automated and sent to thousands of us. They want to publish my app under their name to increase installs and take a cut. Sounds shady, but I did take a look at a few of their other apps and they have millions of downloads.

Anyone here have any dealings with this group?

I also got an email from them… Is the play store available in China? I know their government censor’s a lot of things. They are the biggest cell phone market in the world though, so we should find some way to reach them. Might try Letang myself.

I’ve emailed them back, they want your apk and will take 30% of the revenue. Don’t know how this works with ads. She said we can keep the apk if we want, and in which cause just haven’t send them monthly revenue statements to prove the numbers before paying them their cut.

I dunno guys… But then it can’t really be less than the 20 bucks I make now a month lol

They say if they doing any localizing to Chinese? Or which markets they list in for you?

They never said. I’ll ask though. They did have a lot of English apps though. Don’t think my English spelling game will do in China.

They are publishers (or developers, not sure) on google play too, at least on EU version of google play.

I’m currently in China and Google Play is available here. I’ve only looked at the start page of Google Play but I could find LeTang at 2 places, 1st at top free new apps and in the trending apps section.

Akaliel, where I’m at barely no one seem to såeak/understand English so you could be roght. But you also have to remember that China is à HUGE country and so even if only
à very small percentile speaks English that’s
still à lot of people.
I also remember reading an interview with them not long before you posted this topic. In the interview they seemed to be developers though (maybe they just started being publishers too?)

Edit: http://www.playandroid.com/blog/developer-interview-10-questions-for-letang/

I think I’ll give it a shot. I have little to lose after all. Just gonna finish my score loop implementation. Which adds leader boards and facebook/twitter posting. And fix my interstitial ad, which is not paying off.

hi akaliel,
I just received the same email from Letang.
Do you have any news about that?
Do you think it make sense for my game?

Ya I emailed them back and said I was interested and they responded and told me my game wasn’t what they were looking for lol. Which is probably a good thing, cause I’m not so sure I want to be partnered with them now.

I emailed them back but I haven’t receive any response maybe because they are sleeping now I don’t know.
I’m not sure too. :frowning:
Anyway I’ll see their reply.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve been in contact with them recently, and read their contract. They take 30%, and pay you 1000usd up front. But I’m a bit uneasy still and would like to know if anyone has had any experience with them?

Hi there,

Any feedback of somebody who worked with Letang ? Do they want to modify the code themselves ? Can we keep the app with our own developer name ? Do they generate significant revenues ? Are they serious ?


Reviving thread from ultratumba…

I’ve been offered a similar offer from LeTang and I’m considering it. The links shown in this thread are no longer valid (I don’t know why though).

Any brand new opinions on LeTang?



I received similar offer too, here is the part of the e-mail:

All you need to do is to integrate admob and chartboost ads networks into your game and publish it as a new title under your Google developer account. And we’ll be in charge of the promotion job

I am wondering is that Google Play policy-compliant, is there anyone use such promotion ?