Leo Privacy Guard - Keep your phone secure!

Leo Privacy Guard is a unique security app that gives you complete control over your applications, photos, and videos.

You can lock applications and even hide them if need be.

Photos and videos can also be hidden. If you have private photos that you don’t want friends seeing then Leo Privacy Guard will do just that.

You can also choose between a variety of security modes quickly. So if a friend or family member asks to borrow your phone then you don’t have to lock a bunch of apps manually.


I am using Leo Privacy Guard its awesome for my iPhone and its can do the various functions and most of the features are exactly related to my thoughts and for specific apps in my iphone. If there is any information contained within specific apps for example my private videos and conversation Leo Privacy Guard is the big app for the security of my phone applications.

Yeah it’s pretty nice.

They just released a new version and I’m totally digging it.

Several new features that make it very powerful and dynamic.

Definitely my favorite security app for Android.

I have awesome experience with Leo Privacy Guard .

Leo Privacy Guard application is great app cause of possessing the ability to lock apps, hide any folders including photos, calls, contacts, apps, etc. , if the phone has been stolen keep the phone tracked , and when anybody else other than you take a selfie feature that snaps a photo when it detects a security breech , so i think Leo Privacy Guard app is great for security.