Leo Privacy Guard for protection

I am using Leo Privacy Guard its awesome for my iPhone.It is possible to keep messages, apps and other tools in my phone away from privy eyes. i will have absolute peace of mind when i can hide certain apps from kids and friends and Leo Privacy Guard is superb at protecting those that want the added security. I highly recommend it.
it is great app cause of possessing the ability to lock apps, hide any folders including photos, calls, contacts, apps, etc. , if the phone has been stolen keep the phone tracked , and when anybody else other than you take a selfie feature that snaps a photo when it detects a security breech , so i think Leo Privacy Guard app is great for security.

Yeah its an amazing app and If you have an Android or iOS device, you must install this app in it.

I was trial and feel very satisfied, thank you !

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll give it a try.
Have you come across, by any chance, some review of the mobile security apps? Because I don’t know and perhaps I’m not an expert enough to know whether the ciphering methods and everything in a given app are a real protection of just a smokescreen. This is especially important for whoever’s using their mobile device for business.