Lego name in game title


I’m working on a platform game with a Lego theme and bricks. Is it legal to use the word Lego as a descriptive element in the game title, something like “Platform game Lego Edition”, or would that be brand name infringement, what do you think?


Lego is brand name so it’s not allowed. It’s too risky I would say

Yes of course you can’t use Lego legally. The risk is up to you.

Lego are probably only second to Disney in how rigorously they protect their brand (and probably quite rightly too)

Thanks for your reactions. According to in this thread you can use a brand name in a descriptive way:

Docking Station for Thinkpad -> valid


Thinkpad Docking Station -> invalid

Wouldn’t this also count for Lego brand name:

“Lego platform game” -> invalid
“Platform game Lego Edition” -> valid

Or is this something different? Thanks

The laws around what is and isn’t allowed regarding trademark use are quite complex (for example, you cannot use a trademark for anything that is similar to the trademark owners goods or sevices) and vary from country to country.

Anything you publish on Google Play is governed by US law.

Google will always take the most cautious path, so if a trademark owner complains about their trademark being used, Google will almost certainly remove the alleged offending app. Google’s T and Cs allow them to do this independently of whether the use would be legal or not.

As Lego publish a great many games for Android, I would say using Lego in your game is a very high risk.

Also, though, remember that advice, especially legal advice, obtained from internet fora is generally worth what you paid for it :wink:

The title has to make absolutely clear that you are not connected to Lego in any manner. As soon as someone just MAY think you’re related with lego, you got legal problems.

First of all and simply spoken: You cannot use “Lego” in the title - because I see no way how it can be descriptive there. Descriptive doesn’t mean that you describe, that your game is like lego - that’s not how it works nor allowed.
You also would not be allowed to sell some juice and say “tastes like coca cola” … pretty illegal

i.e. if you are writing a guide for xxx (where xxx is trademarked) - you MAY name your app “Guide for xxx” … you are not allowed to name it “xxx Guide” … in the end it depends on google if they ban you or not. M

It is pretty smart to be legal here, because the law is very complex. So always remember:

When in doubt: Don’t do it

Oke thanks guys. The reason I ask is because on the Apple Appstore they don’t allow “Lego Platform game” but they do allow a name like “Platform game Lego Edition”. On Apple Appstore they have quite strict rules, or doesn’t give that any security?

So better not to use the Lego word in the title, but what about the app description, can I use the word Lego in the description of the game? Something like “this is a game with a Lego theme and Lego styled bricks… blabla”

I am pretty sure, you are not allowed to call something “Lego Edition” cause that could imply a relation ship with lego

Thing is: Can you risk getting your acc banned? :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice Reiti,

Apple allows a name like “Lego edition”, so one might think that would also be fine on google play. But oke maybe risk is too high. And what about the app description, can you use the word Lego in the description of the game? Something like “this is a game with a Lego theme and Lego styled bricks… blabla”

Ok dude you know its wrong but yet you want someone to say yes its right. Everyone answered your question clearly no if google see’s it you will get banned. Now if you make enough money with your app the you can open another google account. Sorry for being harsh but thats enough already.

PixelPower, I think you should read more carefully. First I’m asking about the game title, then I say “Oke maybe risk is too high”, so I take these advices seriously and want to hear objective views about this case. I’m giving a counterargument not because I want someone to say it is right, but more to be sure about things.

Second I’m asking about the description of the game, if it is valid to use the word Lego in the game description, not in the title. So I still like to know if that would be oke? Not in the title, but in the app description.