Lego name in game description


I’m working on a Lego platform game. Here your advices were not to put the Lego brand name in the title of the game, but what about the word Lego in the description of the game, would that be valid? Something like: “This is a platform game with a Lego theme and Lego styled bricks… etc.”

About a week ago I started a topic about the game title, but after a while it got no more reactions. As I like to be certain about this case, I’m starting a new one :slight_smile:


you got no more reactions, because there may be nothing more to say :slight_smile:

Your example should be fine. Whatever - it can still happen that you get busted, even when it’s unlikely.

Look. You want to target people by catching them using the word “lego”… You want to benefit from the “Lego” Trademark. That’s what it is and that’s what is illegal. Simple like that.

What reiti said is the best response you can get from internet fora. If you really want to use “Lego” in your app, the only way to be 100% certain you are doing so legally is to get written permission from the Lego company. Any use of the trademark in title or description, without such explicit permission, is likely to be illegal and runs a high risk of a ban from google.

Any advice that is different to this, unless from a specialist trademark lawyer, is likely to be incorrect.

Oke thanks for your advices :). So better not to put it in the title, but in description is fine although there will be a little bit risk.