Legacy Admob will be gone,needs alternative ad networks supporting android 2.1/2.2

Hi All,

Since Legacy Admob will be gone on 1st, August, it means admob ad does not support android 2.1/2.2, but there’s still lots of users using android 2.1/2.2 there. I have to find alternative ad network which support android 2.1/2.2. Can you please recommend some ad networks with good ecpm and fill rate? Thanks a lot!

It might be a problem since all networks are moving to advetising id which probably means they also won’t work on Android 2.1-…

What? Advertising Id will be used in all ad networks not just Google Ads(Admob)? But I also don’t know what Advertising id is, and what’s the difference between it and the legacy things… Can you share some information about these? Thanks!

I don’t know much, only that ad networks must use advertising id for apps on Google Play after September the 1st if they want to id users - which 99% of them do. Advertising ID is not permament - it changes once in a while - so it can’t be used to forever flag/monitor a user while the old Android ID was.

Android 2.2 uses only 0.7% of all Android users. I recently dropped support for all Android versions < 4.0 because it causes too much problems to support such old platforms and devices. At least my apps user base who uses < 4.0 was very small and I think it’s time to move one, because even Google themselves doing so with these updates(AdMob)…

You still have those users - they just use older versions of your apps. Just don’t make a mistake I made and update the app without updating the minimum SDK version which caused a lot of crashes and lost users. :slight_smile: