LED Tail Lights

1968-69 Tail lights LED conversion kit, brake and backup, 100% handmade, armed with human hands, not Chinese machines. 65 dollars plus 40 dollars for delivery from Argentina

I have Danny’s LED taillights / backup LED taillights in my 69th year. They are MUCH brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs, and are very easy to install. They are the only ones I have found for the 68/69 model that are fully functional, which means that the brakes, tail, turn signal and tail lights are working normally. You don’t have to give up any functionality, as is the case with some of the other LED conversion lamps I’ve seen.

Before you start to worry, have you already successfully opened the taillights? You can’t bake them. They will need to be cut very, very carefully, and even in this case, you are likely to ruin the chrome and reflectors if you go too deep or at the wrong angle. I have a spare taillight for a pre-facelift that I used for practice and failed. And also, depending on the imagination and wishes of the car owner, you can install completely new reverse lights on the vehicle, which will be equipped only with LEDs. My friend advised me ukled.co.uk and they really suited me.

An employee gave contacts, he wrote a master’s degree in law here 3 years ago, I have a job in psychology. I turned to https://educibly.com/ they quickly helped to do everything: a plan, pick up a list of references, then with the finished work they gave a report with a check for uniqueness. The uniqueness of 78.87% according to Yunichek was highlighted at the university. We were pleased with the timing and quality. Only positive memories will remain. Thank you very much to your team and all managers.

These tail light bulbs are compatible with your desired car ?