LeadBolt's Publisher Android SDK v5.00 now available

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that our android SDK for publishers has been updated:

Here are the details…

A Unified & Customizable SDK
The choice of SDK packages has been simplified and publishers can now customize a single SDK to suit their needs. This allows publishers to build a custom SDK including only the desired ad formats. When building the SDK (on the SDK download page), publishers will have the following options to include in the customized SDK: Quick Start Ads (all ad formats) – default option, Display Ads, Notification Ads, Icon Ads.

Multiple-Resolution Support for Quick Start Ads and Display Ads
This new and updated Android SDK allows publishers to support multiple device resolutions easily. The SDK will detect the device screen size and display the most suitable ad size, to ensure optimal display. Publishers will be able to enter additional sections IDs (Medium, Large and Extra Large screens) to automatically support higher resolution device resolutions.

For Quick Start Ads, these section IDs are also included in the manifest following requests from developers. For more information, please read both the Quick Start Ad and the SDK documentation guide in the HELP/FAQs section of the publisher portal.

How To Get Started
You can now download/update to the latest version of the Android SDK (v5.00) by visiting the ‘Help/ FAQs’ tab then clicking on the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab in your publisher portal. Please read the updated PDF documentation included to migrate to the new SDK version seamlessly.

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