Leadbolt's Audio Ads - is it worth? If no - what else?

Have anyone tried audio ads from Leadbolt? Is it working ok? How big is eCPM? You are getting money for 1000 audio ads, or only for actions? Is it worth to implement it? Or maybe you know better “new” forms of ads?

I didn’t try the audio ads and I suppose that really few developers did…
It sounds me such a crazy thing… who will ever bother his user with some kind of voice that:

  1. if the audio is down won’t be heard
  2. if the audio is up probably will annoy the user that will be caught by surprise
  3. maybe the user won’t even understand from where the voice is coming
  4. if the user is stranger won’t even understand one single word

I feel hard to understand who will ever implement them.

There was a company called “Sell-a-ring” I believe, that served audio ads of this nature. They went under pretty quickly from what I remember. Audio ads are just too intrusive and like Beppi said, just won’t deliver in reality anyway.
The permissions required are also a no-go.