Leadbolt, where is the money ?

Hi there,

I uploaded a game a week ago. The game has integrated an appwall and an interstitial. The interstitial has got more than 400 clicks up to this day, but 0 revenue. The CTR is pretty high (more than 20%).

I know Leadbolt is a mixed CPA/CPC network, but … this smells fishy to me. What do you guys think ? I know I’m not getting a lot of impressions in this particular application, but… 0 revenue ? Every other ad format I’ve implemented gets some revenue.

On the other hand, with Airpush’s Smartwall I always get some good revenue, even in low traffic apps. The CPM for Airpush’s smartwall is also much better. Only thing that is keeping me from ditching Leadbolt is that I don’t want to show Airpush’s opt-in just for the appwall…

i had the EXACT same problem with leadbolt - insane "click"s with zero revenue .on top of that - leadbolt’s SDK was somehow blocking Airpush so since i removed leadbolt completely airpush is delivering mad numbers . hope that helps

I am actually quite disappointed with their appwall returns as well. The HTML looks crappy and I am getting less than 20 clicks a day. I am making like 3 cents a day. Screw this. I’m going to remove them soon.

I guess what is happening here is that they are running out of advertisers, so there are very few CPA campaigns running right now. So no matter how many clicks you get, they won’t pay you.

Please PM me your details and we can work through this. It is not normal to have no revenue so something might be wrong, possibly on the implementation. Androider, I know Frank reached out to you before and never received a response. We aren’t here to screw our publishers, if no one makes money, they leave, we lose traffic. I think every network can mention it’s in their best interest to make their publishers money (both web and mobile).

Also, there is no way our SDK blocks any other network. That would be a silly move on our part and people would be able to circumvent it.

Lastly, we have plenty of advertisers, this keeps getting brought up every so often. We aren’t running out of advertisers.

Not to be a shill or anything, but I did around 1mil impressions with LB yesterday… so they are not running out of adverts.


I uploaded a game a week ago. The game has integrated an appwall and an interstitial. The interstitial has got more than 400 clicks up to this day, but 0 revenue. The CTR is pretty high (more than 20%).

I am getting about $0.47 to $1.5 - varies hugely - on the Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads (interstitial) - I prefetch the ads so the display is INSTANT.

On around 200-300 “clicks” (more than one app) it is making anywhere from $10 to $16 per day.

So your 400 “clicks” should give around $10-$20 or something.

What are the typical eCPMs people are getting with the Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads ? Though this will also vary by how often you present it. Obviously if you only present it HALF the time, the eCPM will be higher (users less tired of it PER ad viewing) - however it may not give DOUBLE the revenue - which means showing it more frequently may be better still (if you are talking in terms of revenue).


If you could provide a version of your Leadbolt AppWall HTML ad (interstitial) that includes a:


As I have posted code for in:

Thread: LeadBolt App Wall Code Sample - Activity with WebView for HTML Ads

That might help some developers who don’t have the time to implement a prefetch mechanism - on slow connections the “Loading” dialog box (that appears as the app loads the Leadbolt AppWall HTML) may be causing lower viewings of the ads (I am assuming user can click back key to get out of the ad prematurely ?).

Then why don’t you show us the FILL RATE ? There’s nothing to be afraid of if you have plenty of advertisers… Every other major ad network publishes the fill rate.

Thank you!

I wonder if PART of the problem is if you are using the prepackaged Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads - which can have a 5-10 second wait time on slow connections.

If I was a user, I would not wait for the ads to show and would press the back button etc.

It is possibly that THAT is part of the problem maybe ?

No, that is not the problem. I use the HTML version with a progress dialog and I actually get registered clicks, so no way that is the problem. Also, since I also use icon ads (which actually just show up the App Wall) I know there has been a decline in revenue.

Maybe it’s what everyone is talking about. You know, that January is a bad month for advertising… we’ll see…

anybody facing this prob. now i have 2 clicks but it’s showing 0$ i am new to leadbolt never faced this prob. with admob


and sorry to bump this old thread but it’s better to post in a thread rather then creating a new thread for this small doubt

Two clicks are probably worth nothing anyway especially if they’re not from g7 countries
You probably just need to wait a day

and leadbolt doesn’t pay for clicks… They pay for Installs, it means if someone clicked and installed the app/game then u will get paid. Leadbolt is not acting like Admob.

hehe my bad i though it’s like Admob and they have not paid me and neither they were replying me to from 3 days when i mailed my account manager so i changed to startup and it’s also same really got **** up let’s see how much i will earn…

actually admob interestial ad was not showing in landscape orientation so i changed the network i did not knew that it will be something like this

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

What’s your number if impressions and ecpm on StartApp? I thinking of using it instead of admob

Startapp i have just installed it today so have to wait until my app get’s installed by many users :smiley:

but on admob from this year my ecpm is going down and it’s $0.57

highest ecpm i have recived is 2.11$ so my earning is almost null :smiley:

I’m having the same problem. getting clicks but no revenue. Is it imposible to get revenue only with cpc? It has to be cpa?


Is this problem still there … its 2019 .
I don’t think it should be but I am facing it

I am actually quite disappointed with their appwall returns as well.

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