Leadbolt SDK - Threat

Leadbolt, Airpush and other similar ad network SDKs are recognized as Threat/Virus from app like Dr. Web. When users download the app, Dr.Web directly warns user about the app as “Threat”.

Even there is no threat/virus we are losing many customers and also getting low rating with comments like “it has a virus dont dowload!”.

Do you have solution for this ?

Solution can be found only if Airpush, Leadbolt, SendDroid and others contact lawyers about this but guess what they do not care for developers. How I know that they do not care? I know because these virus companies false reporting viruses for years and they will continue.

Solution is to avoid these networks that is the only thing that you can do.

Using only ad networks like AdMob could not be solution. Too bad these campanies not contacting to virus companies :angel:

I ll look into this, it is a serious issue.

Solution is to use other ones, implement TapJoy/GetJar for virtual goods, implement some AppWall like Appbrain, implement some banner ads, implement IAP if your country is supported.

Like I said this issue can be solved with one lawsuit against these virus companies but they (ad companies) just do not care! Ad companies earn money when you check global picture, yes, they lose some money here and there on some developers but overall they are in big plus so they do not care if you are losing reputation. There is also already a bunch of shitty apps (and more to come) that will use some obstructive ads so these ad companies have bright future. We know about this problem for years and they (ad companies) do nothing why you think that they will do something now?

I have had a few people email me, reporting a virus due to LeadBolt or Airpush. I simply replied, thanking them for letting me know and telling them that it was a false positive. This seemed to be enough - people were willing to accept that the antivirus software was wrong.

This issue has also been discussed in another thread - some users are simply putting an explanatory notice in the app description on Google Play, explaining that it is not actually a virus.