Leadbolt scary ecpm! getting low every day:(

Leadbolt was the best income source for me as it provides good ecpm , support and everything. but from this month onward, things are changing. my ecpm getting low every day and now it’s below $1 which is almost equal to admob.

these are the screenshots of my last month and current month reports. as you can see my downloads are dropped but the reason for my very low earnings is the ecpm. not the downloads.

please share if you have the same experience and if you know any solution.


I’ve tried bringing this up to them, even blogged similar issue here:


Yet, they say things are all fine! Nothing is wrong on their side… In the basic4android forum, we were told there will be improvements in the month of july… it is going worse by the day for me…

advertisers deserting leadbolt perhaps?

i also contacted them and they said everything is ok. they also mentioned they have partnership with new advertising companies. loosing my main income source :frowning:

likewise, losing my main income source too… time to work out alternatives :slight_smile:

Well, admob is also getting very low this month. I always had at least $1.3 eCPM there, now I have $1.03. I also have to work on alternatives…

My earnings are down across the board at the moment - very low revenues with everybody (including LeadBolt, Inneractive, Millennial Media, Madvertise in particular). I haven’t noticed any drop in eCPM from LeadBolt recently - mine is currently $3.50. But because they don’t show the fill rate, there’s no way for me to tell if I’m losing impressions.

I’m hoping things pick up again soon. Towards the end of last year advertising was going really well, but the further we get into 2012 the performance just seems to be dropping.

Well, mine peaked in March after a good gain in December, and started dropping over the months, most obviously with Leadbolt.

Just to keep it positive for everyone of us, all I can think of is that some companies have June as the end of financial year. So perhaps the budgets are depleted then. Lets hope things pick up from here on.

And like the saying goes, the only way to go once you’re down is up (or maybe 6 feet under!)

Good luck all!

If the number of developers/apps/publishers increase, the income may possibly decrease? Law of market?

My admob revenue today won’t even get to buy a mcdonalds happy meal… :frowning:

do we have any devs here, they know how summer last year was performing? It seems to be an overall advertising drop, which may be because of summer holidays.

In europe that is pretty usual, that there is not much business done in summer, because most of staff and customers are on vacation.

…always was curious how much a happy meal does cost in the usa … :slight_smile: a Big Mac (burger only) in europe is at almost 5 $ …

My eCPM in July 2011 for AdMob was $1.09, compared to $1.28 in this month. This year’s average is $1.58, last year it was $1.06. For madvertise it was at €4.57 while its at €2.66 now, last year’s average was €6.90, this year’s is €4.05.

You also want to take a look at the evolution of CPC I postet some time ago.

I hope this is of some help for you.

Based on this thread, I pushed 100k ad impressions to Leadbolt last night.

Here are the figures:
Impressions: 132k
Clicks: 735
eCPM : $0.24
EPC: $0.04
CTR: 0.55%
Revenue: $31.85

Umm… sorry… I switched it back to another network after that. At least on that network I get $0.06 at the moment !

your CTR seems quite low. i think you can earn more if you can do something to increase it

Actually, that CTR is average for 320x50 banner adverts shown on a 1 minute cycle. It does vary though, depending on the advert quality. On another network, I can get 0.8% CTR, but on Admob (horrid adverts!), I can get as low as 0.15% CTR !

Are those banners ads pay per click or per action?

To what network did you change?

Those are 320x50 CPC banner ads.

With Millennial Media, I can do better than $0.24 eCPM …

Thank for the info. AdMob is performing really bad these days for me too. What about your MM fill rate? Is it ok?

MM fill rate is over 97% atm for me…

I have been using Leadbolt, Admob & Airpush for my apps. Admob is paying me in the range of $1 or less constantly. Leadbolt had paid good at starting but it is not disclosing the fill rate so not really sure if its high CPM with very less fill rate. Now the eCPM has also drop down. Airpush is paying me really good. Best part of Airpush is that it will always pay us Bonuses if it is an error in our account and weekly payment.