LeadBolt - Payoneer Payments Now Available

I just logged into my LeadBolt account, and noticed a new banner on the right. Apparently LeadBolt can now pay publishers via Payoneer, as well as the previous options of Paypal & Bank Transfer.

Yet another use for your Payoneer card! :slight_smile:

Yes, i also saw this sometime back. I think it has been there for a while now. By the way, unfortunately my card hasn’t arrived yet and i just hope to get it as soon as possible. The payoneer staff on this forum has been very helpful to fast track the whole process. So, have you done any transactions with the card? What are your initial impression and experience with the card.

Hey David, how is leadbolt working for u? I was considering using them for my next project. Getting tired of getting 5000 impressions in admob and earning under 5 cents for it.

because i am not eligible for interstitials at admob, I also consider using leadbolt soon :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’m mainly using the App Wall from LeadBolt. In the past 30 days, this had an eCPM of $5.60 for one creative, and $6.60 for another version with slightly different wording. CTR is about 17% for both.

So if you’ve got any ability to use full-screen ads, I’d definitely recommend putting a LeadBolt App Wall in there. The eCPM is fantastic (5,000 impressions would get you $30 instead of $0.05!)

Having said that, I do have one banner ad running with them (square banner) which is only getting an eCPM of $0.22 (CTR 4%). So if you do go for LeadBolt, I’d recommend trying some of their alternative ad formats (app wall, rich media unlocker, splash page, lead form, or even push notifications). These seem to get a lot better results than banner ads.

P.S. If you haven’t signed up yet, it would be great if you could use my referral link :slight_smile: There’s a 20% commission for publisher referrals, which is quite nice.

Haven’t actually used the card yet - but I just got an email inviting me to the US Payments program. I’ll do this shortly, mainly to provide the option of receiving US payments if necessary (e.g. if my Paypal account is suspended for some reason, to redirect payments from US networks easily).

I did try signing up to receive LeadBolt payments via Payoneer. The process was quite simple & painless. For now I’ll be sticking with Paypal & direct bank deposits, but it’s good to have the Payoneer option available if I need it.

If I do I will use that. Ya I have several word games in Word Miner. Each one could easily have an ad wall at the end before the reward screen. I’ll probably get some bad reviews which might come back to bite me, but it’s not like I can make less than what I do now lol. And I do make an ad free version available. How is lead bolt for payment? Any trouble receiving?

To be fair, someone has to mention, that you will not get 5k impressions with the app wall as fast as you can get with a banner.

But I am using the app wall (thru a “more apps” button") in a small app and also display admob banners there.

lifetime-earnings are

2.68 $ with app wall
1.98 $ with admob (but did many house ads there)

Oh ya, it would be far less. I get most of my impressions for one of the 3 games cause it take 15m or more to play thru. Which of course would just be 1 ad wall impression.

I’ve had no trouble at all - always got my payments on time & they support international bank deposit which is handy.

Something to remember though - you do need to click “Request Payment” every month if you want to get paid. They don’t send payment automatically, unlike some other networks.

This lets you save up a few months’ earnings, to save on conversion fees at your bank or Paypal. But it can also be annoying if you forget to request payment before the deadline. Then you have to wait a whole month for the next payment, or pay a fee to get it processed early.

Ahh I see, I don’t think that will be a problem with my little game. Is there a minimum amount required before collecting?

Yes, the minimum payout is $100. As far as I can tell the FAQs are only available once you’ve signed up, so here I’ve copied the relevant QAs for you:

How and when do I get paid?

All payments by LeadBolt are made on a request only basis, on Net 15 terms. This means that publisher’s who request a payment will be paid 15 days after the end of the current month, for last month’s earnings. For example, you will be paid on the 15th July for earnings generated in the month of June.

In order to be eligible for a payment, you must have at least $100 revenue owing to your account. The “request payment” button can be found in the Account tab under the section called Account Payments. This button can be clicked at anytime in the month; however it must be clicked no later than SEVEN business days (not including weekends) before a net 15 payment in order to be processed that month. If you miss this cut off date, your payment will be processed with the next Net 15 payments, in the following month.

If you click the request payment button during the month, you will be paid for all revenue earned in that period, which includes revenue earned at the start of the month until the end of the month, even after the button was clicked.

If you would like to apply for an early payment, please see the early payment FAQ.

…and the early payment FAQ:

How can I apply for an early payment?

Early payments can be requested and will be granted on a case by case basis at a cost of 20% of the total revenue. These payments must meet the payment minimum of $100, after the 20% fee has been deducted.

Early payments can be requested in the Account tab under the section called Account Payments using the “Request Early Payment” button. As soon as this button is clicked, a request is sent to LeadBolt for the entire revenue outstanding, not including the last 7 days. These requests are assessed and processed on the nearest Monday only, however not all requests can be approved. If your request is denied, you will be notified on the Monday when the payments are transferred.

Early payments can only be requested for the entire outstanding revenue owed to your account, not including the last seven days. You cannot specify a date range or a specific amount. Requests must be sent at least 24 hours before the nearest Monday, any requests which are received after this time, will be assessed on the next Monday.

Anyone ever tried leadbolt for regular banner ads? If so, how’s the ecpm?
David, I’m having technical trouble adding the ad wall. My code works great for one of their Banner’s. But the Wall does nothing. I get a completely blank screen. Did you have any trouble?

Is your ad unit approved yet? From memory, my app wall had to go through a manual approval after I changed any settings (such as title, color scheme, etc.)

If it isn’t approved yet, try creating a new app wall with the default settings. Don’t customize anything - that might let you skip the approval requirement for the time being.


Im using the normal banners on one of my applications. Since the leadbolt sdk doesnt scale the banners itself i made a simple code that loads the correct size depending on screen width.
Here are the stats for those two different banner sizes :

320x50 ecpm 0.51$ ctr 1.6%
468x60 ecpm 0.32$ ctr 0.99%

the daily income varies a lot more than in admob, because some of the campaings are cpa and not cpc.

btw: admob has a new sdk where you have not to care for different banner sizes any more - very handy

I would really be interessted in their interstitals - anyone using them and can give some experiences?

I got it working. I thought the wall was just an overlay. And didn’t just launch your browser. I think I’ll try installing their sdk and try the overlay ad for at the end of my game rounds. The full wall will likely get closed before the browser manages to load the ad. Thanks guys!

Also, are you finding the lead bolt revenue to be any better than AdMob? I gotta tell u guys, WP7 development where 500 impressions was over $1 was sure nice. Gotta love that pay per impression. But now the market there is bloated for the size of the user base. You just don’t get the installs.

Anyway, lead bolt banner revenue, better or worse than AdMob? Anyone?

There are ad providers for android out there which are paying for impressions … but in the end it is still just an approximisation of estimated CPM what you will get paid … so in the end you got the same.

Yes, The AppWall is just a browser-view, no need for any sdk (which is nice) - I don’t find a appwall appropriate when using like an interstitial … you may go with real interstitials or even unlockers.

I am pretty sure the default usage for the appwall is a “more apps” button. quite common, users know it and it still gets clicked xD

Yup thats what I’m going to use it for. And there’s a mostly full screen semi transparent overlay with a close button that works well for my “end of game” screen. Which I’ll drop over the games normal reward screen. I’ll have to make sure I put it “remove ads” link on the mainscreen that takes ppl to the pay version. Disude folks from giving me low scores cause of the new ads

I think you’re right - most people use it for a “more apps” button. However for my Fake iPhone app, the results I mention above are using it as an interstitial. To be precise, I open a new fullscreen activity with just a single WebView, and then display a ProgressDialog while the App Wall is loading (so users don’t give up & skip the ad).

This seems to work quite well, but the particular app I’m using it for is more of an “app launcher” itself, which is why an ad for new apps probably works well here. If you’ve got a game, it might be more of a conceptual jump between gameplay and downloading a bunch of new apps.

Note: Come to think of it, you could just cache the App Wall HTML, and then load the cached result into the WebView whenever it’s displayed. This would save the user from having to wait at all.