Leadbolt is a scam and I have proof

I been with Leadbolt over 6 months. 2 Times my account got suspended and then reinstated with no email or reason why. Now all of a sudden none of my apps make any revenue and Iam at the $89 mark. Now I only make 11 cents in a month???You need $100 to get paid and thats not going to happen with most days now showing $0 made. Leadbolt is a scam!! Take Leadbolt out of your apps right now and go sign with someone else.

EDIT: After speaking to Zeb Jaffer from Leadbolt on the phone and various emails back and forth we came to an agreement. Zeb Jaffer stated that my account manager was no longer with the company and he apologized about the mix up where my apps got banned. He said he will also look into why my revenue slowed down and see where there can be approvements. I am happy to recieve my payment today and look forward to seeing an improvement in my earnings.

leadbolt la scam.png


UPDATED after speaking to leadbolt on the phone and resolving the issue.


Lol I still make $30 a day with leadbolt from old apps published in 2012 that got massive downloads, even though they got suspended on google play they are still floating around on the internet somewhere as it still shows I get new downloads each day.

Ok guys I made a guide of leadbolts various scam’s with links to many different sites that will show where they either scammed or put ADware into thier SDK.
Leadbolt is a scam full report plus proof