LeadBolt integration doubts

So people use LeadBolt Rich Media Unlockers and well, so do I, but how do you integrate it exactly?

I mean, we have the ad, and we use loadAd() to show it. I also use a listener and try to catch the “onAdCompleted” event from the listener to reward the player with something.

How do you people use it? Do you guys use it without catching the onAdCompleted event from the listener? Do you guys use it solely as a blocking thing?

I read here http://www.blog.trilenagames.com/?p=90 that sometimes the listener does not get called.

How should I go about triggering an event after the ad has completed without relying on the listener?


I’ve only used the Rich Media Unlocker as a blocking ad. Even then I had some trouble with the whole UI locking up while the ad was loading, so I discontinued that particular ad unit.

Now I just frame a standard square banner ad in my own full screen activity, and use that as an (optional) interstitial format. Of course, that doesn’t let me reward the user for completing an activity though.

Understood. Thanks, David.

Unless Leadbolt improves further, I guess I’ll drift go towards Tapjoy.

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