LeadBolt HTML... what they don't tell you

I thought I’d have a go with LeadBolt Interstitials using HTML. Clicking on the “Get code” icon I was presented with this simple looking message.

“To display this ad within your app, please ensure you have the latest LeadBolt app SDK suitable for the target app platform.
The following configuration variables will need to be included in your app library configuration for this ad to display.
Section ID: blah blah…”

This looked so simple… I thought I’d have it working in no time… but bit by bit I realised all the horrible complications they don’t bother to tell you.

If you want to load in the background and only display the view when the ad has loaded sucessfully, you need to know when the ad has finished loading… you may imagine you just wait for “onPageFinished” to be called… but I found this was called even if you weren’t connected to the internet!.. Eventually I found a botched solution that will do for now, but then we hit another problem. You carefully set up a WebViewClient to display the ad, but when someone clicks on it you need to load up that next URL in an external browser… so more complications.

So far I have a limping along botched solution, but its pretty ugly and I’m not sure its robust. So my question to this forum is, does anyone have some thoroughly tested and working code they could share for processing LeadBolt interstitials via HTML?.. And why don’t LeadBolt supply this code themselves!

David wrote a wrapper some time ago, you can search it in the forums. As for your second question I think the answer is pretty simple: because they don’t know how to do it!