Leadbolt Charges 20% Fee and Doesn't Deliver

Leadbolt normally pays on a monthly basis, however, they have an option for an Early Payment which cost 20% of your earnings up to the time of the request.

My mother was hospitalized, so I made an Early Payment request assuming that Leadbolt would follow their policy, and deliver my payment “on the nearest possible Monday after the request has been approved”, thus, allowing me to go see my critical mother in the hospital.

However, after contacting Leadbolt about my Early Payment was told this:

"Thank you for contacting LeadBolt. Early payment requests are generally processed on each Monday and are completely processed within 12-24 hours from the current time. However, our finance team is currently completing a full reconciliation with our largest advertisers for this month to ensure all traffic is accounted for, legitimate and compliant and this has not been completed yet.

This process is usually completed immediately before early payments are due, however due to an increase in traffic last week; our team is still working to complete these reconciliations and will not be able to process early payments until tomorrow."

So basically, they charged me a 20% fee for the early payment which won’t be delivered on time, and prevented me from seeing my mother in the hospital as expected!! All because they think their “largest advertiser” is more important! Like they couldn’t simply submit the $130 payment to me real quick so I can see my critical mother!

There is way better companies out there that care for their clients more then this. For instance, Airpush is awesome to work with. So is SendDroid.


I’m so fed up with this company! I am moving the apps I have with them over to other companies starting tonight while my mother sits in the hospital awaiting my arrival.

I am calling spam and BS on this.

I have emails and Skype conversations to prove this! Let me know if you need to view them.

@dlaroche - Could post those extra details here, or maybe send me a PM to confirm this is the real deal?

Even going on what you’ve got here though, I wouldn’t hold this against LeadBolt. They gave a reasonable cause for their delay, and only took one day more than expected. Considering this was already an “expedited request” of sorts, it seems a bit unreasonable to expect them to go even further to get payment to you one day earlier. They only promised “the nearest possible Monday”, which doesn’t necessarily mean “the very next Monday”.

Sure, it would have been nice to have LeadBolt stop what they were doing, and process a special payment just for you. But I don’t see this as something they were obliged to do.

+1 on spam and BS.

Plus the mention of sendroid and airpush in the same post??? lol… been getting spam from sendroid recently…

“heir biggest advertiser” is their client - not you. leadbolt is YOUR client :slight_smile:

Some years ago you had to send them a recipe before they “pay” you in the online-business, I think some bigger service providers still do it that way (mostly from german because of their ridicolous tax laws … most of them are gone offshore which is a good idea)

So they charge you for an early payment - and it’s exactly what you get with 1 day delay instead of up to 45 days without early payment that’s ok, can happen … I also don’t know if 20% is right (is it?) would be far too much for me, so I would not request it at all xD

just confirming… yes it is 20%… and yes, it is very high…

would be good if they could revise the fee…

not so important for me - i get used to long payment periods … it’s the same with normal customers, so for me that’s pretty normal xD

yep, not important to me too.

I think (just a personal opinion here), that what many sites and forums that advice people on making money from apps and such is missing is a little advice on money management for real life.

But then again, that is not the scope of these blogs/sites/forums… but people really could use a little educating on money management.

Now, if the original poster of this thread is genuine, then I offer my prayers to his/her mother to recover. Hope it all works out fine in the end.



If anything, I’d say give them chance to fix things. I’ve used lots of ad networks and Leadbolt is the one that always pay on time. I can list some networks that has no payment problem so far:

  • Admob
  • Leadbolt
  • Millennial Media
  • AppBrain (their app wall)
  • Mopub

Just my 2 cents though.

Hi guys, I just wanted to give you an update on what happened. Below is our official responses, posted a little over 3 hours after his facebook post. While it is no excuse for what happened, we do want to let everyone know that we do care and try our hardest.

Please be assured that your concern is important to us and we treat any issues faced by our customers very seriously. This reconciliation is important to ensure that everyone is paid accurately. We can confirm that this reconciliation is nearing completion and as soon as this is completed payments will start being processed. We expect your payment to be made shortly and we will keep you updated with progress.

The LeadBolt Team
Yesterday at 6:15am

Hi Dustin,

Keeping you updated, we can confirm that the reconciliation has been completed and that your payment has been processed.

The LeadBolt Team
Yesterday at 6:15am

Thanks for posting! It looks to me like LeadBolt did everything reasonable to try & resolve this issue in good time.

Hopefully steps can be taken to avoid similar delays in future though. I don’t mind receiving my payments monthly, but it would be good to have a reliable way to speed up payments for situations like the OP’s. Although I suspect this kind of thing wouldn’t come up very often.

I think some companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal tend to have TERRIBLE customer service, but sometimes we as customers are also a little too “jumpy” and are eager to attack a company at their first slip.

We are in business, and these kinds of budgeting & supply delays and slip-ups happen all the time in all businesses. I don’t really think this one was THAT bad either.

I feel very sorry that you couldn’t see your mother, and I truly hope that she gets better! But I think maybe you got a little carried away emotionally and overreacted from that feeling…

It’s pretty clear to me that Leadbolt did care and they were even very open in communicating with you, so maybe you should cut them some slack for this mishap :slight_smile:

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