LeadBolt charged $20 as a bank transfer fee

im using leadbolt for more than a year. im using wire transfer as the payment method. in this month they have charged $20 as a bank transfer fee. i was unable to find any documentation about this. is anybody know anything about this?

also i just checked my bank account. i haven’t received the payment yet

If you earned less then 500$ then its normal .

oops it was $493. what did you mean it’s normal?

This is message from LB account payments panel when you log in :

Note: All wire transfers for any amount less than $500 will incur a fee of USD $20

ok, now im clear about the $20 charge. but still didn’t received the payment

Banks often take a fair while to process international transfers. I’d wait a few more days before getting worried. You could also try contacted your LeadBolt account manager, or your bank directly to see if there is any record of a pending payment.

i have already contacted LB and they asked me to wait until 21th.

This has been covered before. What happens is that the transfer gets routed through multiple banks (or only 1 if you bank with one of the major guys)… and they hang onto the money for a day or so each time. Then your bank takes up to 3-5 business days to show the money in your account. BUT… when they do, they backdate the transfer to when it should have been received by them (so you don’t lose interest).

My guess is all the delays are in place to combat wire fraud.

How long have they been charging the $20 Fee? I don’t remember this when I was using them. I heard they are tanking and losing lots of developers and especially advertisers…guess they need to make up the difference somewhere? I know they also charge like 20% for net 7 payment…ridiculous!

just got my payment. they charge $20 if your earnings are lower than $500. this is the first time that i got lower than $500. leadbolt really sucks!, im a guy who used to earn $300 per day with LB :frowning: