Leadbolt broken ?

Today after filling 300k impressions, Leadbolt suddenly stopped filling any impressions.

I emailed their support, and they ‘will get back to me’. Anyone else seeing this ?

Hi Mind,

Not sure if you have seen the replies from our support team, but our reporting doesn’t show any gaps in reported clicks. I believe that your account manager has reached out to you, but feel free to PM me and I’ll chase things along.

Ok, I sent you a PM. I already went through Mopub support (they are SUPER responsive!) and they checked everything their side - no problems.

Well, I got a reply to my support incident. It made NO sense. They did not look at the problem or answer ANY questions in my support incident. WTF? Almost like they are trying to delay answering…

Here it is:

I got a response from tech and this was their reply below.

"I have looked into the click records for this account and based on the time
they sent this email to you, we have assessed the activity on their account
which occurred hours before midnight on the 6th of August. It seems that
clicks were recorded in regular intervals and we are not seeing any activity
gaps which indicate that ads stopped showing for a certain period.

It is possible that there was a delay in updating of the publisher reports,
but the records of the click/ revenue data did not experience any issues
which can be seen."

I have also talked with my director and he mentioned the high spike is most
likely because one of our advertisers is doing a burst campaign until

8/6: Leadbolt accepted and served 1.4 million adverts.
8/7: Leadbolt accepted and served adverts AT THE SAME RATE AS 8/6 … until they SUDDENLY SHUT OFF after 300k adverts
8/8: Leadbolt have accepted and served less than 1000 adverts

Mopub support looked at what is happening and said Leadbolt is no longer providing adverts.

Can anyone else verify that Leadbolt is serving adverts ?

I got your PM, I’m looking into the issue.

Ok, I can load Leadbolt ads in a mobile browser, so at this point it seems the issue is MoPub.

Mystery solved (sorta). I created a duplicate custom network in Mopub and gave it the same settings. It is now serving Leadbolt adverts.

Some sort of internal corruption issue or something…

@mind, I’m happy it’s been sorted out. I see that your impressions are back up and see that we are delivering solid eCPM’s. Awesome!

Yep… It seems the problem was Mopub. To date, I still have not heard back from them (well, it’s only been 1/2 a day!).

Leadbolt is getting me a much better eCPM than any other network to date. This combined with their net15 policy really means there is nowhere else to go.

Just wish I had moved to them earlier :slight_smile:

Happy to be of service. Let me know if you need anything else.