Leadbolt AppWall(HTML) 0 ecpm some days

As many of you know, LeadBolt is a quite disappointing ad network. im using their HTML app wall for couple of my apps. as you can see in the screenshots, some days im getting 0 earnings even with clicks. do you know the reason for this?

im also using Airpush app wall for some of my apps and it seems to be better than this. but Airpush has only one SDK for both push and appwall ads. and it shows EULA at the start but this is not valid for SmartWall ads. is there any way to bypass this?

Same too,the cpm of leadbolt appwall is 0 usually.I want to know why it is?



One can see from your stats that your eCPM is quite high on the days you DO get clicks/app-installs etc. i.e. when you get real revenue.

But on other days you are getting no revenue … overall eCPM over a few days of stats is similar to what others maybe getting.

I am seeing eCPM around $1.18 - however with 10-15K impressions a day, the revenue ranges from $10-$16. But early in the days stats with impressions like yours the revenue can be $0.00 also.

So there is either a “bursty” nature to the way Leadbolt counts clicks/app-installs, or just the way that users click - i.e. very few people click, but when they do click you get good revenue. The bursty (and variation from day to day) suggests that the “quantum” maybe quite big - i.e. revenue per app install maybe $0.5 or $1.0 or something - which would account for the large variation - i.e. few user actions but when they do occur they give good revenue.

However, I have also seen $0.03 as the smallest initial revenue on a day - so it could be that the user actions (whether is click or is app-install based - though I cannot see how a Leadbolt AppWall HTML ad can monitor the app installs - so it MUST be a click-based revenue - I am not using ANY Leadbolt SDK it’s all delivered within a WebView).

So the “quantum” may vary between $0.03 and maybe larger … it’s not clear.

But if it is purely click-based, it is clear that you aren’t being paid for every click - as your stats and our stats indicate (esp. for low number of clicks).

BUT the revenue per click (EPC) is reasonably stable i.e. is $0.03 to $0.07 from the stats I see.

So it could be that the Leadbolt pays $0.03 to $0.07 or more per click - depending on the app that the user clicks (how much that app developer is paying for promotion).

I have read (I think) that Leadbolt asks for a minimum of $0.10 bid for a AppWall ad (if I am not mistaken) - so $0.03-$0.07 earning per click maybe reasonable range.

I think they just delay counting clicks so your clicks from yesterday are counted the next day sometimes.

I don’t think so. What actually happens is that Leadbolt is running out of advertisers. Period. This has never happened, and I’ve been using them for months. Revenue has been dropping month after month since September. It’s not a one guy issue, it’s a big drop in revenue for a lot of people.

And honestly, I can understand why users click on the appwall but don’t install anything. It’s simply because there are usually only 2 or 3 apps listed. Compare that with (for example) Appbrain’s appwall which has 8+ applications.

What I think is happening here is that advertisers don’t use Push networks anymore since the new Google Policy enforcement. And I can understand it… who wants to taint an application with an alert dialog that says something like “Hey guy, I’m gonna take your phone number, your email and do whatever I want with it”. TOP application never use push ads, they concentrate on making a good application so a lot of people install it and they get money using in app billing and/or standard banner ads.

To answer that question, Leadbolt is a CPA network. You don’t get paid for clicks, you get paid only when a user installs an app after clicking the ad. Sometimes it even requires the user to install + launch the app before the payment is calculated.

And then, there is the issue that everyone has been saying, them running out of advertisers, for example. It has been happening since long ago… probably since about 1 year ago. They been going down terribly. No more my number 1 source of income. Sigh!

That’s a good point. I’ve wondered why most of the top apps don’t use push ads. Actually a lot of them only seem to use banner ads and don’t even use interstitials. Or maybe they’re raking it in so much with in app billing/paid versions, the ads are just an afterthought.

My apps aren’t even close to top apps, but I get a sense of this. In January, my revenue split was about 25% ads/75% paid apps, but with the recent rate drops everywhere, I’m looking at 5% ads/95% paid revenue split in February. My time is better off spent trying to convert free users to paid than trying to optimize my ads.

The Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads are HTML downloaded to a webview - there is probably no way for them to check if an app was actually installed.

So it must be a per-click payment.

For push ads and other stuff which uses their SDK - THERE you can have a check for if the app was installed.

I wonder if the Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads pay less than their SDK-based AppWall ?

ya im also wondering.

Do you guys still see the SDK-based AppWall as an option for your apps on Leadbolt’s site?

I remember seeing it in December along with other options like Prompt Ads, but when I click on “Add Ad” under my apps now, I only see these options:


  • App Ad
  • Notification
  • App Icon
  • App Audio


  • App Banner
  • App Wall

I recall seeing more Tabs/options before.

It’s in SDK Ads -> App Ad -> AppWall

Ah, thanks! I’m blind.

Now I can’t decide if SDK-based appwalls would perform better enough to justify including the leadbolt jarfile and getting 1-star virus reviews. I wish Leadbolt would do the Airpush trick and generate obfuscated SDKs (com-XXxX-xXxx######) to hide from anti-virus scans.

Doesn’t Leadbolt have SEPARATE SDKs - one for the “Display Ads” (which shouldn’t have an EULA) - and it has a separate one for the notification ads (which would trigger the EULA).

I currently am not using their SDK - but using the Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads.

Wondering if the SDK version of the AppWall pays any more ? (since with an SDK they can track installs - rather than just going by clicks).