Leabolt questions

Hello to everyone!

I am about to publish my new app and I am trying to implement Leadbolt.

I have 2 questions.

  1. Do I need to define any refresh rate in my code or it is defined through managing the dashboard in my account leadbolt site?
    For example for notification ads you can define if they are going to be “on Demand” or “Recurring”.So, I define the refresh rate through recurrign , righ?
    For Icon ads ?It just has “enabled”/“disabled” .So, do I need to define them through code?And if yes ,does anybody know how to ?

  2. I noticed that when I have the internet connection turned off , in the Logcat i can see a lot of garbage collection:

GC_CONCURRENT freed 402K, 48% free 3271K/6279K, external 657K/1169K, paused 4ms+6ms

If I turn on the internet ,it’s ok.Does anybody has same problem?

Thank you!

  1. Yes, I think the refresh rate you have to set programmaticly by calling the banner. But I don’t know exactly because I’m using the Leadbolt HTML banner through MoPub mediation. Ther I can just set the refreshrate in seconds.
  2. How often does the GC return?
  1. The refresh rate is only used for banners?
    I can’t understand the difference in refresh rate and (for example for a notification ad) “Recurring” every 12 hours for example.Because by defining recurring I define the refresh rate,right?

The refresh is only for banners?To change the contents of the ads?

I want to use only notificartion and icon ads , so I don’t need refresh?

  1. About 2-3 seconds.

Thank you

There is no built-in function to refresh ads automatically. And you cannot define by the “on demand” and “recurring” setting. This settings is for loading of ad after the app has been loaded. The “on demand” setting loads the ad immediately after the app loads. While the “recurring” setting is for loading the ad in s specific time that you set in the publisher portal. The “enabled”/“disabled” is the Popup setting for the icon ads.

With regards to 2nd question. Could you please confirm if what device you are using in testing your app and getting this logs in the logcat?Are you testing it on emulator or device?

1)Can you please explain me what refresh means?As I said , is only for banner ads?Refreshing the contents?
If I use notification and Icon ads ,I don’t need refresh ads?

  1. I am receiving these messages in Logcat either when using device either emulator.And I am receiving them only if I have internet connection off.