Last Day - Cash Reward App Promotion - $99, normal price is $599

$99 only today you can get cash reward application

To buy it:
skype: [email protected]
mail: [email protected]
demo: on skype or mail support

Screenshots, copy to your browser and enter:

In pack you get:

  1. Application, client
  2. Server database and scripts
  3. Standard theme
  4. Bitcoin theme
  5. Support (skype)
  6. Documentation
  7. Help in integration

----> Application is going to chupa and sellmapp in this week with price $599 and
15 themes
Future Dashboard
All $99 buyers will get the update!

Application have:

  1. User system, login in (google sign in newest API)
  2. Reward system for ad networks, they are working with server-server callbacks:
    airpush, startapp, adxmi, adscend media, trialpay, supersonic, nativeX, unity videos, cpalead, super rewards, tapjoy,, vungle, adcolony
    System is adding coins for users.
  3. Request reward is done with mailto function
  4. Invitation system, user can invite people using his generated code (you can manualy change code for generic word). Both users will get points.
    5.Flurry Analytics integrated
  5. oneSignal notifications integrated
  6. UI is strongly reskinable:
  7. Points for rating (you can set up how many or disable this feature, or show it when user have for example 100 points)
  8. Happy Daily (you can grant random points to users everyday and send them notification)

API 24 - minimum is API 16
Android Studio, eclipse is not supported


You can get 500 dollar cash through cash app plus plus free download android version free.