Last Bird Standing

Hey Guys,

I just published my first game app this week. The game is similar to the atari game “Joust” during the old times. I change it with cartoonish styles and design.

Please check out the game and do give me feedback and suggestions on what is needed on this game to improve gameplay and attract players… controls, gameplay, design, etc.

Please also rate it. Thanks!

I gave 5 stars , G+ and reviewed by “Bae Paul”.
My App’s link is

i like the game ,very interesting ^^

This is actually really fun. The game play is spot on. Well done. I reviewed and g+ as Robin Hames. Please take a look at my newest game


Here’s the facebook share for your scores.

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Nice game,

What tools you used to make your video demo?


somebody who played the game created a video for me for free. not sure what tool he used. but you can go to the youtube link and request him to make a video for you also or ask the tool he used.

Hi, I have rated 5* and g+ your app as “Carl Smith”. Please rate my game. Thanks.

Hi, i’ve review, G+ and 5 star as name “Buster Lin”

please review, g+, rate 5 star my app, and just play for a bit:

Hi, i’ve review with name “Tran Chien”

please review my app, 5*, g+, and just play for a bit: