Last 28 days with mobileCore

Hi all,

I’m using mobileCore in my apps but I think their ECPM is very low. What is your opinion about the results below? Any suggestions?


Mc is not good now. Their eCPM is very low nowadays, even lower then banner ads!

Mc is at 1.1 usd ecpm this month for me. It has dropped more than 50% compared to last month but you cant say that this ecpm is awful.

Your performance is better that me, look

All ad network have low eCPM this time, I wonder should I switch to other ad network.

I used MC v1 and still get very low eCPM

Notify is not experiencing low eCPM at this time. There are still several networks doing well right now. :slight_smile:

hi KlimBo,

could you tell me why you choose ECPM?

what is your idea about PPD?

Mobilecore is a poor performer for a lot of people right now. I’d suggest you move away from them, at least for now, until you hear about them getting better. I’ve moved a lot of my traffic away from them for over a month now. AdMob, Notify, and Airpush are the strongest performers for me atm.

I disagree now. I think that mC is already past the difficult times and is now rising again.
I might not have millions of impressions, but it is obvious to me; from a weekly of 1.1 USD it has risen to a weekly of 2.53 USD.

EDIT: Images do not seem to go through so shot link here:

What ad unit is that? @Anteos

I tried finding Notify SDK in google search.
pathetically did not get a single link of notify sdk on web.

is it secret SDK or you can point me to its sdk and other info? :mad::banghead:

Notify App Monetization


LOL, its notifymob.

I was searching with notify keyword only. Thanks

Hi @gcc,

Let us know if you need help with integration. Our banners have been performing well!

All the Best,


Will start soon and let u know.
As of now stucked in some game development.

it is from one of my apps, last 7 days, and eCPM is decreasing every day…

today it is already 0.57$. Still have no idea what to do with it…


from the picture:
impressions: 247654
clicks: 52495
eCPM: 0.83$
revenue: 205.89

Please pardon the ignorance.
which ad network is this?

your CTR is very high.

it is MC, there I always have high CTR. Showing the interstitial at app launch. CTR is always 15-22%