Large drop in startapp eCPM for yesterday

Anyone else experience a huge drop in eCPM for yesterdays stats? I was probably averaging $1.30 but it suddenly dropped to $0.22!!!

are you referring to admob? same experience for me, was averaging $1.00 ecpm and today suddenly dropped to $0.38…

no, startapp.

same here and yesterday only I migrated to 2.0.4 sdk version

same here, no update new sdk :smiley:

Same here drop from 1.45 to 0.3 …

Hey all,

I’ll look into this ASAP.

I’m not aware of a specific issue, but i’ll find out.


A complete joke literally. I made a huge mistake of using startapp exit ads. 0.03 eCPM, is this a joke?


normally ecpm avarage 1$ … but yesterday 0.01 :slight_smile: joke ?

Ecpms are garbage across the board with the exception of admob which really is the only ad company that can be trusted. I’m not sure if this is an intentional “fuck you” to the developers but it sure feels like it. I suggest unless you are getting $1 ecpm you should immediately stop serving a networks ads. You literally gave startapp 5000 free impressions which may be fine if no one clicked on the ads but by looking at your screenshot, where is the click data? With admob in a combination of banners and interstitials they are averaging me $1.99 RPM over all apps. These are consistent numbers, they don’t fluctuate, I don’t make $100 one day and $1 the next. It just doesn’t happen with them. So stop fucking around with other networks!

large drop …

admob is accepting illegal app ? like mp3 download app ?

I thought I was alone. From $1.04 to $0.11, I mean what is that supposed to mean? :frowning: :mad:

large drop with the eCPM. I believe they calculated the amount wrongly.

Second day with $0.3 ecpm…
When will this get fixed?

Yes . Large drop . I hope they will fix it

Hey All,

Sorry for the late reply here.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to explain this at the moment. Our tech guys have been digging to find issues that may led to your drops, but came up short so far.

There has not been an overall drop across our network, so this could be a case-by-case issue.

For anyone who has a significant drop, please contact [email protected] and they will work with you and take a close look at your numbers.

Again, sorry there’s no news I can share.


This is called top notch support. So professional. Thanks for the info and support email id.
Airpush used to give such support for their push/icon ads. Startapp has moved to banners/inters so quickly. Hats off to you guys.

P.S. Was trying airpush sdk today, 80% of the timed, no ad(banner or inters) is being returned for airsdk.

regarding airpush: yep, that’s because by the looks of it they have no indian advertisers, overnight about a week ago, fill rate in india went to zero

oh! didn’t know that. Good I dropped in my app update today.