Kiti Cat

Hi, this is my game and I really appreciate to play it and give it a review. thanks…
A brand new physics game that is about a kitten cat that can walk over a woolen ball.
He should take over many obstacles and enemies on his way and he need to collect the
fishes on the way while caring not to fall down. At first the game seems a little hard
to play but once you have learned playing you will addicted.
-Play Store URL:

Nice game :), I gave you a review with 5 stars (Critical Mass: "Good Game! I can see that you put some work into this game, it looks really nice. A non-accelerometer mode would be nice though, so I can play it on the Bluestacks emulator too. "). I don’t know if you wish to exchange reviews, but if this is the case, you could have a look at my app:

Rated it 5 stars and g+.
‘Great game, very challenging.’ under Tobias Fante.
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Thank you.

Just rated your game with 5 stars, and g+ with user name Andrew Harris.*

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Reviewed and 5* as Etienne Savard.

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Hi, thanks to review my game. Really good reviews received. thanks…
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Rated 5* and +1 as Peter Nicolay.
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5’ed your game as Marnielle Lloyd Estrada. Your game looks excellent!

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