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Kit Kat Toe(free)

Kit Kat Toe
KitKat Toe is fun Tic Tac Toe for those who like cats and kittens and X and O.
Play kitten Tic Tac toe against your phone cat or against your friend cat.
KitKat Toe is free and has exciting features:
Cartoon kittens instead X and O
Real cat names from your country
Real and funny cat sounds
One or two player (multiplayer with single phone :))
Hidden cat KitKat and hidden kitten KatKit
(And soon I hope to include Google Play Services for Internet multiplayer)
Can you be better than phone cat?
Other tic tac toe games are saying you should stop wasting paper, but we say playing tic tac toe with real cats :slight_smile:
Hidden cats are unlocked in the game!
Kitty thanks to everyone!
Google play: