Kiip Reward Network

Hi, does someone knows / use Kiip? Seems a good way to engage users and a good alternative font of revenue, like pollfish.
I would like to know your opinion about the service.

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I tried Kiip together with Pollfish earlier this year. I had high expectations on Kiip but it didn’t work for me. They could show the reward only 20% of the time a Kiip moment was called. Also in my case users were not interested in rewards as only 2% of them redeemed the reward. Kiip claims that the average redemption rate is 8%. I included screenshots of Kiip report and Google Analytics from the same period.

Pollfish was a bit better but still clearly disappointing. The issues were similar to Kiip - not enough surveys to show and users not liking surveys. I offered users in-game-award if they complete the survey. About 35% users agreed to take the survey but only 2% of those users actually completed it. It seems that while the users are not necessarily against the surveys they do not like Pollfish surveys for some reason. Perhaps they are too long or boring.

I guess it depends on the app and users. Lots of Kiip partners are junk food companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, M&M’s, Skittles, etc. Also it seems that Kiip is very US specific. If you have lots of US users who would consume products that partners of Kiip offer then it might work.