Kids Smart Memory Game

I would like to share a recently developed Kids Memory Game which impove your children’s recognition and concentration skills with attractive graphics and other interesting features.

Kids Smart Memory Game


  • A classic memory board game for children all ages – preschoolers, kindergarten to pre-teens.
  • Four definitive categories - Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, and Birds is a great way to introduce your child to the world around them.
  • Keep your kids engaged and entertained with this educational game that will not only hone their memory and make them smart, but also develop their motor skills as they make a move from one object to another.
  • You can choose your own display board from the Main Menu – Fruits or Vegetables or Animals or Birds according to your interest.
  • Your child will love the adorable little images of Fruits (apple, strawberry, banana, etc.), Vegetables (tomato, cauliflower, onion, etc.), Animals (tiger, dog, elephant), and Birds (humming bird, pelican, parrot). This will improve their recognition skills and concentration as well.

You can download this game at:


  • The memory game now available for Android will primarily have 2 Modes - GAME MODE & CHALLENGE MODE.
  • Game Mode will help your child to improve his gaming and memory skills and prepare him for the Challenge Mode
  • where the child has to play a memory game in matching identical objects (Fruits/ Vegetables / Animals / Birds) within a 1 minute timeframe.
  • It comes with an intelligent SCOREBOARD to track player’s records making it even more interesting and challenging.
  • Game Settings allow players to add Name and Photo at the leaderboard.
  • The App comes with delightful sounds your kids will love. You can also put the Sound ON or OFF while playing.