Kids Pattern Recognition Released!

Name: Kids Pattern Recognition - Beginner (Preschool and Kindergarten)
Description:Kids math game. Complete ABAB and ABCABC patterns to save the good alien monsters from the bad alien monsters. This game is targeted toward kids who are 4 - 6 years old.
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Special Features: Recognizing and interpreting patterns is a foundational skill for both math and literacy. This app has patterns by color, size, number, and shape. I incorporated an intermittent and variable “reward” system for game play to encourage focus and completion of the game.
Price: $1.79 - $1.99 (depending on store)
Privacy: No ads, no social networking, no IAP. Privacy Policy can be found here.
WebsiteKids Pattern Recognition - Beginner

After working on this for what seemed like such a long time I am glad it is finally available. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Corvid Apps

Congratulations on you launch! The game looks great. Good luck!

I tried your game and thought it was very good. Only problem (not sure if it is) I found was… I played through the first 2 sets of planets, then when trying to hit back to go to the main menu it took me back the the 2nd planet select screen, hitting back again took me back to the first planet select screen. This is not a big deal but not sure if it should do this or not. Everything else worked great, nice job!

Thanks! It isn’t supposed to do that. I’ll take a look at it.