Kids Learning Books


Kids Learning Books is a bundle app for your kids to learn basic education at home. Through this app your kids can quickly learn ABC, 123, Different kind of shapes, common opposite words and recognizing colors. There are different objects linked to each letter with vocals to even register sounds and pronunciation in to the listeners mind. So quickly download this app and provide basic education to your kids at home. It’s a free android app.

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[li]Numbers 123[/li][li]Common Opposite Words[/li][li]English Alphabets ABC[/li][li]Shapes Recognition[/li][li]Colors Identification[/li][li]Colorful shapes & recognizable Objects [/li][li]Background Music and playable sound by tapping on any object [/li][li]Step-wise book page blocks and page turning effects [/li][li]Index page to view all alphabets on single page with playable sound on tapping [/li][/ul]

A list of apps on Android for kids learning to read faster:
Epic! Books
SNAP Learning
Reading Rainbow

I’m doing a project online now and writemyessaysonline on elementary school reading tools for small kids. I’m a Zambian student from The Copperbelt University in Kitwe.

Please recommend a good book for a 5 year old child. Reads very well. The book needs training and development. In the future, I plan to write a children’s book with children’s fairy tales and bright illustrations. I made this decision recently when I started working as a writer on assignment help I will improve my writing skills and will definitely fulfill my dream. I will devote the first such book to my daughter.