Kids App

This is my first app. Its an interactive early reader book.

My website is

I downloaded the lite version and thought it was very good. I love the way the book is interactive. Only thing the lite version was short, I know you don’t want to release the whole book for free, especially as you don’t want any ads in the app. One thing I’ve done with my children’s game is to have a lite version that is the whole game, but it has ads. What I did about the ads was with ad-mob you can limit what type of ads are shown, and I limited it to no adult-type ads. I filtered out gambling, personals and age-appropriate ads. Would love to hear what you think of my children’s game: Otto’s Toy Chest

Thanks! Yeah I was pondering the ad version for the lite, but I’ve heard stories of admob delivering inappropriate ads even through the filter. :S

I already had your game on my device. I think I read about it on a review site. I can’t remember which one though. My 5 yr old played with it for a bit, but hasn’t returned to it. I’m not sure you need to offset the piece from the finger point. My daughter thought it was broken till I explained it to her. I think its a creative spin on the jigsaw puzzle.

I did not know that about ad-mob not filtering correctly. I wonder if there is another advertising network like leadbolt that can guarantee kid friendly ads?

For the controls I made the game offset the pieces so that you could more easily see where you are placing the piece on the toy. Some people don’t get it, but it’s actually a much better way to do it. It also lets you pick left or right handed, and moves the pieces to the other side of your hand depending on if your left or right handed.