Keyword ranker for Google play listing?

I used Market Search Tool to find a popular keyword. I made some changes to my title and description and now I’m ranking a little better for that keyword.

I know there use to be an app that would monitor your rankings for specific keywords on the play store. It would tell you if you dropped in ranking or have increased. This is much better than sitting there and counting which spot you are in. Unfortunately, I can’t find the app anymore.

Anyone find a similar tool?


I use an app called “rankingMe”. It seems however like they have removed the free version and only have the pro version available now.
Here’s a link to the pro version:

Edit: After a little searching I also found another (free) application which seems to be pretty similar. Haven’t tried it but judging from the description it should be what you’re looking for:

Perfect! It works amazingly! Only a buck too! Thanks.

I recommend using Distimo or AppAnnie. These are web-based tools to track your ranking on Google Play across many different countries and keywords. A great source of data especially if you’re looking to measure a specific increase.

AppBrains apptimizer too will show you your keywords weight in your description and how much they are searched for. Apptimizer report for Party Light Free. Score: 93

rankingMe is awesome! Got the pro version, worth the buy!

rankingMe is gone. Banned?

i can vouch for appannie, very usefull.

I am using App Annie and App Figures. App Figures tells the ranking of apps in their daily email while App Annie helps in finding details like when was the first version of app released, in how many countries the app was featured and other awesome stats.

I use Sensortower for this.

Sensortower’s database seems old. It can’t fetch my apps.

Can you actually improve rankings with these tools? I just look up the 10 or 20 similar apps, use Google AdWords, and do my best - for free. :slight_smile:

AppAnnie is good to go, but this is what I’ve been using on my phone for ranking and review tracking. It’s top-notch.

we built our own rank tracker and will probably open it to the public soon. stay tuned! New Google Play App Store Rankings Tracker

There is AppWatch