Keystore invalid

I come from vietnam.
I bought an account from Netherland.
I can’t upload because keystore invalid,
I did change info keystore Netherland or use my Netherland Vietnam.
But i can’t upload.
I dont know why??
Please help me.

Thank You!

Keystore and account are not related, as far as I know. You can always create a new key. But if you want to update an existing app, you need the same key. Otherwise you need to upload your apps as a new app.

i upload first app, i created new keystore, But i can’t upload, i don’t know why ??

“You uploaded an APK signed with a certificate that is not yet valid. You need to sign your APK with a certificate that is currently valid.”

You are from Vietnam, and have a Dutch account. Different time zone?
See overhere:
android - APK signed with a certificate that is not yet valid - Stack Overflow

If you are running VPS and cannot change the time , just wait a few hours