Just published an App_Increase Its Position

To push every efford on getting traffic afterr publishing an App - iis reasoable and mconducted activity for any who wants to promote his Application.
In this vein, you should pay attention to the icon and description of the application on Google Play. In process of optimization pay special attention to keywords in order to be visible in search line of Store. Keenmobi (click on my signature to link the site) is a leader in providing ASO service: you do need some funds to optimize your App, but it’s worth this as the application page will bring search traffic when ASO campaign is completed.:slight_smile:
Use incent traffic
Everyone knows the position of the application in Google and Apple stores is affected by the number and dynamics of the installs , reviews and rates. You jut need to boost traffic for your App in order to become visible for your organic audience. With the help of specialized services (e.g. Keenmobi) you can get the installs/reviews program, which will improve its position in the stores and after to get tons of organic downloads.
So order specialised service to skyrocked your App and see the difference how canou monetizit after it’s been promoted.
Wish Best of Luck!

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