Just Joined - question about using airpush and Mobario

Hi Guys

I’ve been reading posts here on and off for about 3 months time and it’s a great forum:)

Like many of you here I have been scratching my head about these new Google play store content updates.

I have previously used/using startapp, airpush and admob to monitize my apps.

I have 11 apps published at the moment but am looking to significantly increase this number (target 100) within 6 months.

What I am trying to do is to ensure that I comply with the big “G” as much as possible - I am prepared to take some risks but not at the expense of getting my account banned!

I have amended most of my apps that have airpush, tested them on devices etc and have found several problems. Firstly no ads showing, secondly no video ads showing. Smartwall implementation seems to be OK - the LogCat verifies this. I have refrained from resubmitting the updated apk’s as I don’t know whether this is a jar problem or a problem within the airpush ‘system’ so am still going to keep the current sdk 6 going with the apps having disabled the push/icon ads from the dashboard.

The other ‘problem’ that I have had is that I have noticed that my eCPM’s have all been zero today! Installs but no income!

As usual I have sent a ticket BUT as with the previous 2 tickets over the last week no reply. It seems like airpush are ‘mimicking’ the big G - no reply, means no service, means no confidence in their product which makes me nervous about using them!

Now the other thing is I have looked at Mobario and they seem a better alternative to startapp which I have been very disappointed in to say the least. I am looking at combining airpush with mobario with my apps.

Again, I don’t want to resubmit my apps and find I have to do this again.

So please - somebody from airpush at least or some other informed person - can you tell me why your sdk isn’t working? When will it be working? and have the decency (commonsense) not to p…off current customers with what appears to be crappy service.

It would be really good to hear from some of you guys who are using Mobario that you are happy with it and if any of you have used it and had apps banned. I know it’s a bit early. So really would like reassurance as to whether to resubmit these apk and take the ‘limited’ chance I referred to early in this post

I look forward to your help guys:)

Hi PB1, I would like to dig deeper into your issues. It would be great if you could PM me registered Airpush mail ID and I will take it over from here. … will revert with all the answers shortly.

Feedback from App Developers using Mobario:

Mr. Balde:

“As an indie developer Mobario has significantly increased user retention of all my apps ! Users are now staying longer because Mobario enables them to check their Social accounts, search and browse content, all without the need to exit my apps. Also, Mobario brought me higher conversion rates than their competitors. The developer dashboard is clean, easy to use and with nice stat display. I will definitely recommend Mobario to all my fellow indie devs.”

Mr. Hadida:

“I used in my apps in a lot of advertisers in order to earn some money for the effort i maid. I earned only a few bucks… and then i met Mobario Their platform raise my earnings almost 2 times then i was earning with all the other platforms together and in addition their product gave me an added value to my apps, A cool unique and useful toolbar for my users. And all of this with a great supportive team that was available for me 24/7."