Just had a load of password reset emails

Is anyone else having this at the moment? Someone’s just tried to log into my Gmail, Facebook, Curry’s accounts and also on a gambling site. Gmail already has 2FA. FB didn’t but I have now enabled it and changed the passwords on all 4 accounts. ASDA as well now.

A friend of mine just had 3 password reset emails for Just-Eat. And now their BT account.

Can anyone else here confirm if they’re being attacked too. To see if this is isolated or widespread, and what I can do to buff up security?

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As you all know, Apple has made its phones with a fairly closed operating system, so it is almost difficult to restore or reset passwords on an iPhone. So, I’m talking about the fact that my account flew off on my iPhone and I don’t receive emails to the mail, apparently some kind of bug or mail error, I didn’t even know what to do. Then a friend advised the service How to Unlock Verizon iPhone - PriorityUnlock / which will help restore the account. I do not know whether to agree or disagree with this service. Please tell me has anyone already used these services? If so, was the service good and how long did it take you to restore your account? Thank you for your help in advance!