Just discovered a MAJOR bug in the Google Play market.

I was able to successfully install 6 of my UNPUBLISHED apps that contain non-compliant ads from the google play website. They have been unpublished for 2 months and are still listed right there plain as day on google play in the “Similar” section on other developer’s apps that are like it. It appears to be limited to only the website and not the google play app…What happens if a user downloads an UNPUBLISHED app with push ads in it and then reports me and I get banned? That’s a serious problem to anyone who is interested in the security and longevity of their account. These unpublished non-compliant apps are still getting downloads and reviews, months after being unpublished.

I didn’t see the original description. So, what is it? I’m curious…

It was that games you unpublish are still visible on Google Play in some places (related apps list for example). I don’t know why droidstunter removed the post…

Yup I also have discovered this “bug”. In my case unpublished apps can’t be found directly on GP, but if you have link (for example if someone posted somewhere) you can access them even they are unpublished months ago.
Looks like Google doesn’t care that, because I have found this bug few months ago, but then I didn’t understood that it’s a bug. I was searching for some app on GP, but I couldn’t find it. Then I found link to it on Google and everything worked great. At that time I though that it’s some weird GP search glitch.

Log Out from your Google account, and try the link. Only You have acces for your unpublished apps.

I noticed that too when I was checking it all out, but the fact that they are still displaying the app listings on their own site is pretty interesting. I have one unpublished app that got 94 downloads yesterday…lol…I push all of my install data to a web server, and the downloads are still coming from GP. I’m sure anyone can easily verify this in your developer console.

UPDATE appsDatabase
SET displayInSimilar= ‘don’t display unpublished apps in this section…’

Guys, just bring a null update for the app before deleting the app so it shows a white screen and a melody . Should be death proof. Except in case google deleted it before you could do.