Just Curious How many ad networks do you use on your apps?

Hello Guys,

I guess i need to qualify this questions better.

  1. how long have you been developing apps/Games?

  2. How many apps do you have that you use ads to monetize?

  3. How many ad networks you working with?

  4. Which ones and write them in order of best performing.

This way we can call out or call attention to those that are genuinely doing good vs the ones that are dogs.


  1. Since April 2012
  2. A lot
  3. Currently only 2 for play store and 3 for non-GP
  4. mC, appnext for GP and Airpush,Eomobi,Notifymob for non-GP
  1. Working since July 2013
  2. 20+ apps
  3. 2 ad networks for Playstore and 1 for non-GP
  4. admob,mC for Google play,airpush for outside stores.

what outside stores you use??

Nokia store,Opera store,Mobogenie store,1mobile,Mobango,Getjar,andapponline,Aptoide market,Amazon,Slide me(slide me wont accept aggressive ads),appland,appitalism.

  1. since oct 2011
  2. a lot
  3. ,4) Admob, Startapp, Airpush, MobileCore, leadbolt(dont use anymore)

im also looking in to no GP stores. could you please let me know is it worth to try it. are you making worthwhile revenue?