Join AppGrade's beta testing - a few remaining slots!

Dear developers,

A short introduction for those of you that may not know us -

AppGrade is a monetization solutions provider for app developers. We developed an SDK with multiple industry-standard and proprietary ad-units that developers can integrate into their applications in order to monetize their traffic and installs.

AppGrade is currently in the midst of beta testing our new SDK which entails a cool and new out-of-the-app ad-unit, which will enable you a continuous income, with no dependence upon users’ engagement with your app.

How does it work?
Once the user will download your app, an EULA will pop, suggesting him to download a button-shaped widget (similar in looks to the SmartBar’s button), that upon opening will feature an AppWall, offering him customized offers especially for him.

What is the payment model?
We offer an eRPD (effective revenue per 1,000 downloads) payment model.
That is, we will do revenue-sharing with you on each install generated by this AppWall.
What’s great is that this enables you to receive a continuous revenue stream, with no dependence upon user’s engagement with your app! As long as your app is installed on his device, enabling access to the AppWall, you will earn from him using it.

Our inner-testings show that revenue can reach to as much as $60-$68 per 1,000 downloads in the US, and $13-$18 to regarding Non-US traffic.

Some of our developers which are currently running this SDK already enjoy an attractive eRPD.
We are currently looking to enlarge the diversification within our traffic sources, and I invite you to enlarge your revenue stream as well and join our beta!

Please contact me in order to get access to this SDK. Also, if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to assist.

Looking forward to cooperating together,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

Contact ways -
email: [email protected]
skype: tamar.appgrade

Hey all,

Just an update -

We are starting to see significant traffic from the developers who have joined our beta, and results are highly positive - testifying to the great potential of our out-of-the-app AppWall.

We still have some remaining slots to participate in this beta, and if you are interested or have any questions regarding the matter, you are welcome to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist.

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

contact details -
email: [email protected]
skype: tamar.appgrade

You know out-of-the app ads are not allowed by Google Policy and get people banned?

Hello Magnesus,

Thank you for your reply.

We acknowledge recent developments surrounding Google compliance issues, and it is indeed an issue that requires our comment and reassurance, so I appreciate you bringing this up.

Unfortunately, a statement saying that out-of-the-app ads are not allowed by Google Policy is not true, and misleading.
In the policy itself there is actually no reference to the concept of out-of-the-app ad-units, rather than guidelines to be followed relating system interference and ad policies.

Upon developing our ad-units we examine Google’s policy thoroughly and act upon it according to our best understanding, while being extra meticulous in our interpretation, so as to make sure we bring you an attractive, high-earning product, which holds the best risk-benefit ratio for our developers.

Why did I just use the term “risk-benefit ratio”?
Well, it is a known fact that out-of-the-app ad-units hold an higher risk, especially since Google left itself a lot of room for self-interpretation of its policy.
Having said that, along with the higher risk, comes a great potential for significantly increased income with no dependence upon users’ engagement with your apps.

We consider our out-of-the-app ad-unit as a calculated risk, for the following reasons:

  1. As I said, we do follow all demands in Google’s policy, even when rigid interpretation is used. I welcome you to challenge us on that.
  2. Our out-of-the-app SmarBar, which operates similarly to our newly released out-of-the-app AppWall, is still alive and kicking, receiving highly positive reviews from users.

In general, AppGrade develops numerous ad-units, from which developers can choose what to use. Some of which are more conservative, and some are more aggressive and risky, but know that along with the higher risk comes greater benefits, and that all our ad-units always stay within and follow Google’s guidelines.

Bottom line, we are keeping a very close eye on everything, and are fully prepared to handle any situation regarding Google compliance policy, and adjust accordingly.

I hope this answer satisfied you.

Once again, I encourage you to join our beta and enjoy this SDK’s high performance, along with our other developers which currently use it.

Please feel free to contact me with any question or in order to gain access to this SDK, I will be more than happy to assist.

Best regards,
Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

Contact info -
email: [email protected]
Skype: tamar.appgrade

Still waiting first beta payment …

Did you get your payment ?

No . Mailed again and they said next weekend . They are saying same thing in every mail , next weekend .

Did you get yours ?

I’m not using them currently. Just thinking to use them but trust comes first…

Yes , trust comes first . That was 3. mail and my revenue is calculated . I know how much i get but i dont know when it will be .

I was thinking to use them but now not trustable i think

Hello Akhadian and Metinogtem,

I would gladly address this issue.

Upon launching our beta, we were positively surprised with the significant amount of developers which joined us, higher than we expected. This of course led to higher processing time for payments transfer -
calculations of earnings per developers is being done manually (since it’s a beta) and there is a lot of data to analyze, in addition to other bureaucracy related to transferring payments (as in any company).

Indeed, it takes longer than we wished for, and we apologize for the delay, but it is by no means an issue of trust.

We are transferring payments upon finishing the payment process per developer, and a substantial amount of developers which participated in this beta have already received their payment, with no malfunctions.

As in all betas, while it is not desired by neither of the parties, it is not uncommon for beta payments to take longer than regular operations’ payments. However, I can assure you that we are doing our best in order to deliver the payments as fast as we can, and all remaining payments are predicted to be made soon.

If it was a matter of being untrustable, one would expect that we will disregard any connection attempt by developers to which we owe money. In this case it is rather the opposite - I’m in constant connection with each and every developer, notifying all about their generated earnings and payment status, and approaching you freely here in the forum.

Regarding this SDK, it is fully operational and payment process is automated, so that payments are being transferred on a regular basis.

Hope this answer satisfied you and that you will bear with us regarding this issue for a bit longer, so we can establish a beneficial cooperation for both parties.

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO