Jelly Bean for S3

Samsung said they will deliver 4.1 very soon - will you update?

Normally there are many flaws … and especially Jelly Bean had some flaws and non-working features, hopefully they are all fixed in the meanwhile … :slight_smile:

Also the SII and the Note shall get the 4.1 update … :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly update. Even with Samsung’s mangling of the stock firmware, 4.1 should be an improvement.

What I’m really waiting for is CyanogenMod 10 stable. I don’t think it will support MHL on the Galaxy phones, but that’s about the only disadvantage.

never tried CM… :slight_smile: i am satisfied with the stock s3 so far - but maybe in the future

I Wish HTC would update the desire Z. Im still on 2.3.3

Yeah, can’t wait to get the update on my Galaxy N7000. The current firmware is causing some overheating problems.

Me too…hope the problems are solved

I’ve upgraded my note to stock 4.1.2 firmware as it is explained here: How to Root Galaxy Note N7000 on Android 4.1.2 XXLT4 Jelly Bean via Stock Recovery/Odin [GUIDE] - IBTimes UK

Works like a charm, as if I had a new phone! There are no overheating issues anymore and the battery can last up to 2 days. I was thinking of installing Cyanogenmod, but their current stable ROM is based on Android 4.0.x, so I opted for the original and new.

Is 4.4 gonna be launched for S3 device

I highly doubt it. It’s already official that Galaxy Note 1 (from the same era as S3) won’t receive 4.2.2, let alone 4.4. I would try CyanogenMod on your place.

I upgraded it too, nice.

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