I've just integrated PollFish into my apps and it's not what I expected.

So far I am still waiting for the fist 30 cents.
Here are some of my data so far from all the surveys delivered by PollFish SDK:
Served: 80,500
Seen: 459
Accepted: 81
Completed: 0

Even if some of my users they do engage in filling up a survey at the end the survey get rejected because of the “quality”.
I also contacted support and asked if they have stats for percentage of surveys completed vs accepted, but they did not want to share this with me.

Does anyone have any information about how many surveys the users have to fill so you end up with some revenue?

Hello @chrisdev, this is Andreas from Pollfish. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with your API key at Pollfish, I will review and share any stats we have on the performance. My email is [email protected]. I will be happy to help!

PollFish API KEY: 0055adfd-5f33-4006-af00-91aa21e8b4ba

@chrisdev I will email you at the email you registered at Pollfish. If you want skype or a different email please pm me.