Issues after girlfriend/Taking ******

Hi guys. So I’ve started taking 1mg everyday of finasteride due to diffuse thinning, and have been on it for 5 months with no major side effects at all. I read a few posts about adding dut once a week and having excellent growth, so ive tried that now for just over a month. So 4 months just fin and 1 month of fin everyday (excluding Sunday) + dut only on every sunday.

About start of month 4 I got myself a girl and things were great, sex all the time with no issues what so ever. But now im having trouble getting and maintaining an erection. Ive put some weight on and i thought that i could be self conscious killing my boner but im not too sure now thinking about it. I still have a desire for sex and if im going ‘solo’ i can get a half decent erection, not rock hard.

I was thinking of trying ****** whenever duty called, has anyone tried this? Or should i maybe leave the dut and see how it goes?