Isn't it too low?

so I am getting around 30k impressions and 150 clicks but it only makes like $7. I feel like I should be earning more. I use admob (banner + interstial)
Thanks for advice

depends on which countries you get the clicks,

for me one click from middle east only 0.01-0.02$ but one click from europe or america could be between 0.2-1.00$ on admob also (banner + interstial)

All of the clicks are from Europe

Same situation here. My app in iOS has 80% traffic from US and 12% traffic from UK. I implement only interstitial ads for this app.
yesterday, I got 105 clicks / 3500 impression, 75 clicks from US with 0.07 cpc. :mad: I gone mad now.

Normally banner has a bad ecpm for the size and the probability to get a click.

I recommend to use interstitial and natives ad on your application (depends of your layouts design)

To increase earning you should try different ad sources. $7 is really low but you must optimize it to highest level. And by the way, Native Ads can improve it too, give it a try.