is this legal?

I am new to admob and had an app idea which I may apply.
In my country, people use Instagram to show some products to sell, so I plan to make an app to categorize these posts from Instagram and display them in categories.

also I plan to monetize the app with admob.

is it legal to do that?

Maybe I don’t understand your question, but what you suggest seems legal. It also seems extremely un-useful, I think nobody will use it. People spam Instagram with their ads, and you want to categorize this spam and let people browse this spam advertisements?

Hi Mohd,

For your app idea, from an ad network point of view, I don’t see any potential legal issues as Instagram has API’s for developers to able access to data.
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Airpush Nick

not really spams, they call it social shopping or so. people now days use social networks for selling and advertising for services. It’s like categorizing all offers and products available in ur country to make it easy to search for specific thing.

Thank you for ur reply,

I will take a look :slight_smile:

It seems legal although I don’t know relevant laws in your country.
Just do it,good luck