Is this game worth spending money on?

Or not?

Or is it?

You could at least spend some money to gather experience for further releases. The game looks good in my opinion, i would give it a try :wink:

Watch out for the apk´s size (22mb is too much for a game of that kind) and the permissions though (you got too many)

Good luck :wink:

Your game is definitely good enough though you might want to make it slightly easier if your targeting casual gamers. The icon is solid and it has enough gameplay to hold gamers for sure. Nothing is set in stone but if I made this game I would invest in it. Just make sure you target 1 country and try to get ranked high enough that you get into the top new free in your category. Then when you hit top new free in your category , you will get organic downloads and lift.

How much should I spend on it?

I am not rich so, I can’t afford to lose thousands of dollars (what If the game doesn’t earn my money back)