Is this CTR too high? (Admob | ~5%)

Hello guys,
I just released an upgrade for an old app of mine. It’s pretty much the same game, I just used another framework. (LibGDX over Andengine)
Also the admob-advertising is exactly the same. Same banner, same settings and same position on the screen.
But right after the update, the CTR changed drastically. Just for ~3 days now, but still. I’m a little bit scared that it is too high and admob won’t be happy about it.
Here is a screenshot:


I know this could just be a temporary random “peak”, but please let treat it like it would stay at this rate for several more days/weeks.

it’s strange. I would say that after the update people have seen the notification and played it but impressions number is the same. 5% is not that high and it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe it’s a coincidence?

You should think about intestitials

wow…i am happy when i have a 1% CTR wit Admob banners…have you done some kind of targeting to get those rates in the adbuilder?

I am constantly having 0.5-1% CTR for banners and 1-3% CTR for interstitial with AdMob…i don’t know why my % are so low…i show the banner while playing/loading and the interstitial sometimes when going back to menu or on exit…any suggestion on how to improve the CTR?

Did you change the position of Adbanners or did you add any new buttons near to the banners

my CTR is similar to yours